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Could it be the CBD? Can be dark?


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Whats up all,
When it comes to paranoia effect form medicating. Has anyone had negative effects due to high cbd?
I'm trying to zero in on what makes a good time go so bad.. lol
Sometimes after smoking the paranoia and anxiety are to @$%!ing intense.
Miserable, Almost to the point I don't want to try again... Almost..lol Like.. I swear I'll never drink again.
I've read Indica not Sativa. Turpines. Heat level..
While thinking about all of it, I wondered could it be CBD. Could what's suppose to help me actually be whats doing me in..

Just a thought, like to know if anyone's heard of someone reacting negatively to CBD.

I figure I know I'm far from normal.. maybe just par for the course/



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I find personally a lot of it is just the user. I deal with anxiety pretty bad and I have learned to understand it enough it doesn't bother me as much. Seems to depend on my mood, the strain, what I'm doing... I will say though when I smoke CBD strains I find that I don't get high at all and actually end up feeling a slight hangover feeling.


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Thanks MrC.
I'm hoping the CBD would elevate the anxiety / paranoia overthinking. This is what they recommend I try. Think i probably put to much pre thought in it. Need to stop thinking and enjoy.
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