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Councilman Fired

Jim Finnel

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City Councilman William Mure will keep his elected position but not his job as a youth specialist at the Jackson County Youth Center.

"Mr. Mure has been terminated," Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Chad Schmucker said Thursday.

Drug charges are pending against Mure and his sister, Councilwoman Sarah Mead, stemming from a narcotics investigation and raids on their homes June 12.

The Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team reported seizing 94 grams -- about 3.5 ounces -- of suspected marijuana in Mead's house at 710 Center St. and about 5 grams in Mure's house at 309 Gilbert St.

They were not arrested or charged. Instead, Jackson County Prosecutor Hank Zavislak asked the state attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. The job went to Livingston County prosecutors.

That office had been awaiting laboratory results of tests on the suspected marijuana, and official notification of the appointment.

Police Detective Lt. Steve Galbreath, who is assigned to JNET, said he received the lab data this week and forwarded it to Livingston prosecutors. He declined to release the results, referring questions to Prosecutor David Morris.

Morris said he and assistant prosecutors would review the investigation report today and likely would decide charges Monday.

Mure likely faces a misdemeanor possession charge, while Mead could be charged with felony possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Charges would be filed in Jackson County.

Mure had been ordered by the county to submit to drug testing after the police search. However, Schmucker said the county's policy prevents officials from talking specifics about why an employee is fired.

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