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Count Down to Trial

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Dear Friends:

At the last two hearings, on April 13 and 20, Judge Breyer urged the prosecutor to drop Ed Rosenthal's case. The judge was trying to prevent the feds from marching straight ahead into a quagmire, just like in Iraq. Using the same wisdom they have shown on other issues, they decided to forge ahead.

Trial begins in two weeks. We need to raise $100,000.

We are asking for your help because Ed's case will change marijuana policy for all of us. This is a totally political case: what's on trial is the future of medical marijuana. The court has already agreed that Ed cannot receive any more time, since he has already served his sentence. Federal prosecutors are hoping to use this trial to close all the dispensaries in California. If Ed wins acquittal, it can change their misguided policies.

We need your help right now to send a message to Washington. Ed is being defended by a dynamic team of attorneys mentored by Tony Serra, who share his disdain for these cruel and unjust policies. Even though they are working at a reduced rate, funds are still needed for courtroom transcripts, expert witnesses, investigators and all the other resources necessary to explain the whole truth to the jury. The publicity campaign is also expensive but necessary to educate the media and the public about what's really at stake.

Ed's case has already backfired on the government. During the first trial, public interest in medicinal marijuana skyrocketed. The media was extremely favorable and supportive. It was a huge victory for patients, providers, and the drug policy reform movement. Keith Stroup, founder of NORML said, "The world changes when people like Ed Rosenthal stand up and fight back."

Why? Because this is not a criminal case, it's a political one. Ed's already served his sentence. With this in mind, the trial is a farce similar to that of the Chicago Seven or the Scopes Monkey Trial. The Chicago Seven changed how people viewed Vietnam-era protestors. The Scopes Monkey Trial changed how people viewed the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution, in a courtroom battle that pitted science against myth and superstition. That's exactly what we want to accomplish when Ed goes to court May 14 -- show that the government's position on medical marijuana not only lacks any medical or scientific credibility, it hurts people.

This trial will convince more people that the government is spending billions of dollars to maintain a policy that is out-of-touch, cruel and has no rational basis. At the same time we are protecting the democratic process in the 12 states that have made the compassionate decision to allow medical marijuana.

We've all wanted to change the laws for a long time. By making a generous contribution to Green Aid today, your funds will go directly to this upcoming trial. Raise some funds for Ed, and he'll make sure the public takes notice.

Make a donation now at
Green Aid: The Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. or you can send a check to Postal Mail Box #172, 484 Lake Park Ave., Oakland, CA 94610

We need contributions small and large. All are appreciated. If you can afford them consider these award levels.
Guardian: $1000
"One Percenter": $3000 (this is 1% of the total cost of the trial of $300,000)
Hero: $5000 or more.

Thank you for your continuing support. We can't win without you!

Don't think of it as helping just Ed. He's is on the front line to help all of us. Help him help you.


Virginia Resner
President of Green Aid

"Most people would have backed down, but not Ed. He's in this to the end. We owe him for that." --Jack Herer

"Ed's not a flight risk. He's in this case till the bitter end." -- Magistrate Chin:

"Most people considering their circumstances for one reason or another are forced to give in under the weight of government pressure. I have the privilege and opportunity to be able to stand for all the people who've been harassed and hounded by the government."
-- Ed Rosenthal

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
the worst part is much of the evidence won't be admitted because the fed's don't recognize state laws. wihich would about medical marijuana and wouldn't that be the motive? am i missing something? if there is no motive then there is no crime right? if he grew marijuana for no reason then he would be insane right? if he is insane he is not guilty right? stoner logic strikes again :cool:


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The latest.. Ed gets his day in Court.

Ganja Guru retrial begins

:3: :peace:

P.S.: Government witness story in here.. interesting.:50:


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Perhaps not in our life times. I would say this, the bullshit these people are going through will, one day, make a difference.

:adore: They are the martyrs.

(Judge) Bevan told jurors, "they can't consider what motivated the government to bring charges, only whether a crime was committed."

The Jurors know what's going on. They know it's vindictive, political.


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Scam huh so I guess I faked out over a 1000 medical experts, I didn't actually beat complete paralasys I just was just blowing smoke up the entire medical communities ass, is that what their trying to say?

Nah, Mr Purp.. 420, don't think that's what they're trying to say.

The story was written with the help of opponents to MM (anti-drug group and anti-Ed). They stuck it to Ed when they found that he allegedly made silly statements in the past. The story is not saying everyone is scamming.. neither did Ed say that he was... he just said in a certain context that using cannabis not only heals, it is "also" fun. The writer used it to his advantage. :peace:

I'm sure that is what he meant and I'll swear to it.:laugh2:


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Putting juries to the test
Source: Disloyal Opposition
Author: J.D. Tuccille
Posted on 05.16.07 by Thomas L. Knapp

"The federal government is taking its second bite at the apple with a vindictive re-prosecution of medical marijuana guru Ed Rosenthal – a prosecution that can result in no prison sentence since he already served his time on the same charges prior to his conviction being overturned. Rosenthal is charged with growing plants for medical marijuana dispensaries – a legal act in California, but one that remains verboten under federal law. The original case resulted in a better-late-than-never jury revolt once jurors were dismissed and discovered information about the case that had been withheld from them by the judge. Five of the jurors held a news conference, apologized to Rosenthal, and called for a new trial. Now, for reasons unrelated to juror regret, that new trial is being held." (05/16/07)

Link: Disloyal Opposition: Putting juries to the test

.. I'm going to bed. Good night.


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OK. Understand your point. I have MS and am aware of the therapeutic benefits of MMJ. My best to you.

Like I said, taken out of context.. and used by the story's author to justify his means.. to support his weak position.. and use it he did.

:3: :peace:


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Ed Rosenthal Needs Courtroom Support
by via Mikki N.
Thursday May 17th, 2007 7:53 AM

As you may know, Ed Rosenthal's second trial began on May 15...When: Court is in session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30 to
4:00, and Wednesday from 8:30 to 1:30. No public session on Fridays.
No session on Memorial Day, May 28. Any changes will be posted on
Green Aid: The Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.

Dear Friends,

As you may know, Ed Rosenthal's second trial began on May 15, with
opening statements made by attorney Shari Greenberger.

While Ed will not serve any more time even if found guilty, it is an
important case in terms of the federal government's relentless attack
on our medical marijuana law, its providers and patients.

At the moment, very few people are attending the court proceedings.
This needs to change. We need to have supporters in the courtroom to
demonstrate to the jury, the DEA, and the federal government that the
people are watching and care about what this issue.

Please come to court to show your support, even for a few hours. The
case will be going on the next couple of weeks. It's a public
courtroom, so you can come and go as you please.

Where: 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA (Civic Center BART). Go to
the 19th Floor, Judge Breyer's Courtroom.

When: Court is in session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30 to
4:00, and Wednesday from 8:30 to 1:30. No public session on Fridays.
No session on Memorial Day, May 28. Any changes will be posted on
Green Aid: The Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.

Bring Photo ID and be prepared to go through security. There are no
cameras or tape recorders allowed.

How to dress for federal court: Dress respectfully and nicely. Show
your patriotism (American flag pins, good). Vets could wear medals.
Beware that the court may exclude you for wearing inflammatory or
inappropriate clothing. Avoid wearing clothing with cannabis leaves,
as they may not allow you in court.

Please post this message to all appropriate lists to generate more
support. Thanks!

Mikki Norris
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This is an excellent presentation of the exchange between the Federal Prosecutor, Mr Beven and the Federal Judge, Judge Breyer on why the DOJ prosecutors "were beefing up the indictment to get back at Rosenthal for exposing them to widespread criticism and ridicule".

The Feds look extremely stupid in this exchange.. a must read.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The U.S. Justice Department: Ask About Our Vindictive Prosecutions

:3: :peace:

P.S.: Hoo-ray for federal judges. They use our constitutional rights as a compass for true justice!:31:


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Rosenthal Rally TOMORROW in SF!

Posted in BOT - The News Bot at 4:04 pm by admin

*Wednesday, May 23rd, San Francisco: Ed Rosenthal Support Rally*
Ed Rosenthal needs our help! Come out in support for Ed Rosenthal and medical marijuana. We must show the public that medical marijuana patients and advocates will not stand for vindictive trials. Please come out on May 23rd at 1:00pm on the Federal Building steps.
Wednesday May 23 at 1:00pm Federal Building 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco
If you have questions or want to volunteer to help with the rally please contact Sonnet: Sonnet@safeaccessnow.org
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