couple more questions


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1) how much do u think i will yeild if i am planting 20 indica plants? I will be using 1000 watt hps for budding and 8 40 watt long flo tube cool white for vegie.

2) i also have a central heating system that luckily runs into a vent in the closet.... it operate on gas... do u think this will provide some Co2?
How big are you going to let them get?

3 feet

What strain of indica?


Soil or Hydro?


VERY hard to determine yeild now. What are your goals?

aiming for an ounze per plant atleast.....
You could easily get an ounce or two off a 3 foot plant. Probably more with a little practice. Go to flower when they're about 18-24 inches tall. They will about double in height during the flowering stretch. You might also want to try some pruning or LST techniques to increase yeild.
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