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Couple of questions hoping someone can help with

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Well need some input first on the Ro/Di system I have recently the Final Stage Which is the De-ionization resin chamber proved to be faulty so when I called the company Mosese Water Systems they explained to me the Di Resin filters were proving to be faulty and asked what I was using my system for Such as Drinking water, fish tanks I told her gardening so she told me that the best final stage for my system instead of the De ionization chamber was instead a 3 in one mineralized filter which adds to the final ro water Calcium,Mag and a silica so what I am wondering is does this sound like a good Idea to add to a Ro filter system specs on the filter state it appently adds .00035 magnesium .00012 Calcium and .00011 mg of each so would this pretty much remove the need to have Cal/mag around ?

The other question actually doesnt have to do with cannabis directly but as I like to make tinctures I also like to flavour them and I do this by growing Berries to use in making them but this new set of bushes I am putting out are having a wierd ph problem . Let me explain starting with a 6.5 soil and using 6.0 Ro water instead of my ph coming down which as far as all the literature I have read indicates should happen my ph has risen to 7.2 and to bring it back down to 6.5 I am needing to use water Ph'd to 5.0 but the literature states if your soil ph is 7.0 and you need to get to 6.5 then you would adjust your water to 6.0 to achieve a .5 shift in the ph what I am wondering is have I somehow gotten it wrong? Is it possible that my problem is just a result of how raspberries affect the soil. I thought a raspberrie flavoured tincture would taste wicked this time so although it isnt directly cannabis related it is a ph problem which growers such as all of you should be able to figure out and the end result will be an extra tasty cannabis treat :thumb:
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