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Couple of questions regarding clones

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Picked up a DarkHeart GG#4 today and have always had these questions but never got around to asking.

1. Should I give it water for a while and then start using nutes? Or okay to start with nutes right away? Normally I phase them in but not sure if thats necessary.
2. What light should it be getting now? I have a Viperspectra R900 LED lamp. In the past, I've been putting it under a CFL.

Thanks...just finished up a Sour Diesel grow and jumping right back in. Excited this will be my first full grow with the LED.


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I start my clones out at about 25% nutes in my DWC buckets.

I would have the Viperspectra R900 at 36 to 42(42 for two days and then maybe down to 36} and let they them grow up into the light's zone of 32 for veg.

You can always move it closer if they start to stretch.

But if it is to close at first you could fry them.

Good Luck!


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I took my tops of the plants i 'topped' just as experimental clones and surprisingly they made it haha. only had barely 3 node sets. By day 3 they had perked back up and the nodes clearly were in good health (i didnt clip em off lol). I used the res water from my RDWC which was 6.2 ph and 450-500 ppm. I dont see roots yet but the clone'lings seemed to love it. I had used clonex and placed in rapid rooter. Placed a simple container to hold half an inch of water or so and placed that into my grow tent with the rest of the plants (just placed it on floor so its furthest from light).

When the water evaporated from the container, i added more. I noticed some tip burn so i awaited until the new water evaporated and am now putting just plain water. I think its safe to say you can use nutes, just use like a 250-350 ppm and see how it goes. If u notice small tips turning white, start using just plain water, or to be even safer just do a nute feeding to start, then fill with plain water, then nute, etc.)

i dont think there's really a wrong way to do it as long as you dont go overboard on the ppm lvl of your nutes.
I only just started my first clones so this is just what i learned from doing it within the last few days :p
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