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Couple Q's about potential setup


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Hello all!

Let me thank you in advance for your knowledge on all things related to home grows. So I have been a smoker for many years now, and finding good weed consistantly is not as easy as it was previously. Thus I have decided to start my own small scale grow-op.

I have the Indoor Marijuana Horticulture Bible and have read many of your personal grow stories on these very boards (especially yours Urdedpal, excellent work) and feel I have a good understanding of what I need to do and how. However I still have a few concerns and questions.

I plan on keeping it low key, personal use only (sharing a bit of course). I plan on using part of the basement to grow in, the basement is split in 2 seperated by a door, a finished part (exercise stuff which doesnt get used) and an unfinished part (furnace, electrical board, etc.) I plan on building some sort of closet or housing to keep the plants consealed and out of harms way.

I live in a small town, so no local hydro stores, I have seen a good deal on a hydro kit and light here and I am pretty much set on this now.

So finally, we get to the questions.

My concerns are mainly with airflow and odor. Being in the basement, with its concrete walls, I can't really setup a vent bringing in air from outside or venting outside. As long as I have a fan bringing air in and taking it out the top of the unit should I have any concerns?

Thank you to all who post, I will be keeping a grow journal on these boards once I am up and running!
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looks like a plan to me i like it.

that seems like a lot of trees to light up with a 400watt, but i guess if you flower em smallish and keep doing it often could work out to be a great system.
or just do like 4 at a time... i dunno :D easy enough to add another 600 later too

unless you get something really stinky i dont see how odor will be a problem if your the only one goes down there.


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yeah i only plan on having 4 or 5 in there at a time, 9 would be too much for my needs at this point.
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