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Covid19 project since stuck at home: what to do with this space?


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Hey all. I, like many of you, are stuck at home right now. I decided diy a little something to break the boredom. I made a little diy space. I think it could be functional. I'll attach pics and lemme know what you all think would be what you do with it.

By the way. Made from a old garden store box, dollar store reflective hood covers x4, foil tape, a 4 inch duct outlet and a 4inch intake with a screened grill (said grill just 1 cut to fit hepa filter away from lightproof. Rest of the box is lightproof) I can connect the exhaust to my grow tent for scrubbing or right out the window

Inside is a 7x 27watt cfl bulb light panel ( didn't have 4 socket y's. Lol) tested it without cooling and is 41 celcius. Would drop if the exhaust were connected to the tent but then I think tent would need bigger fan (currently a 4" ac infinity whisper) also could add a small USB fan since the attached power bar has the USB socket you could get small 2" desk fans for extra circulation

So yeah. Lemme know what you think



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Not actually connected to my tent. Was just there for demonstration of a possible application.
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