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Cowboy Cookies Bred By Greenpoint Seeds


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Back at it again. Been busy lately but I'm back and plan on spending more time on here

Will be germinating these today in ro water

Light: 30w 6500k led for seedling than in the 660w led tent with the autos
Tent: 4x8 Vivosun
Nutes: General Hydropincs Flora Trio, CalMag, Beastie Bloomz for bud growth, Signal for terpene and maturation

Will go into 3gal fabric pots than 7gal for flower



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Also I have 1 gal fabric pots for transplant. After which ill veg for a 2-3 weeks, transplant to a 3gal and take clones than ill run all the gals into flower after 2 weeks in the 3 gal pots . After that I will keep whatever pheno or phenos I like and mother them out

The plan was 3 to 7 but I got cake and chem on the way as well so id like to find a good one now before I go 7 gal Plus with 600w of led there's no way I could fit all 7 in my tent. Maybe with more lights but with the 1 to 3 gal I can find what I want without them getting too big. I have a Tangerine dream that's taking up half my 4x8 now she's got 5 weeks left


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Awesome, best of luck, looking good so far
Thanks man! I'm hoping I get some nice ones. Its a cross between gmo and stardawg. These are the pics they have on their site


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Transplanted & watered in a blend of

30% coco 30% perlite and 30% peat moss
In 1 gal fabric pots for now


Watered at .7EC

And this is why I don't use ppm as a standard measure due to multiple scales

Watered at


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Sorry guys I totally forgot about this journal lol been busy working a lot past cpl months

4 plants in the 4x8. Form right to left it is 1 cowboy cookies (stardawg x gmo)
1Cake & Chem (stardawg x weddingcake)
And on the left two are front to back. Rear corner is Cake & Chem
Front left corner is Cinderella 99. About 5 days into 12/12. Drawing prob 1100w of led

Decided to flower out the Cinderella 99 and move on


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Beautiful plants. No deficiencies, no toxicities, end of week 2ish start of week 3. All in coco. I dont think ill go back to peatmoss. Watering 1x a day but will up to 2x a day as soon as I finish my water feed auto setup. Should be a few days. I'm using an 8 gal reservoir but I will be getting a 20gal resevouir soon



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Its been a hell of a week!

I will say i put the net in too late. It didn't come in till a week after 12/12, first time growing these. Don't know the stretch. The c99 I knewwouldnt stretch much. Top trellis may not be needed. If not in a week ill just raise it up to The lights or remove it


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And I've been working too much yet once again lol she's looking good so far. A lil excess N but they'll be fine. I just fed with beastie bloomz for PK and liquid seaweed for macros and well its liqueed seaweed sooooo ya lol anyways ill do that for a bit till I see the leaves start to lighten up a bit but with 4-5 weeks left she may have enough to finish. We will see. Some sugar leaves were dark and shiny so she's plentiful in N reserves
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