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Cr8grow’s Corleone Kush Grow #2 Journal 2020


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The Cali Connection Corleone Kush feminized (Pre-98 Bubba Kush x SFV OG IBL)
Indica/Sativa (heavy Indica)
THC 18%
Flower 9-10 weeks (breeder 65 days)
Yield Medium
Indoor - Custom built cabinet (3’ x 3’ x6.5’ ft. H); 4” filter/exhaust, HEPA filtered passive intake, no light leaks
Plants 4
Soil seedlings - Potters Gold in Solo cups
Soil grow - Roots Organics 707 amended perlite, worm casings, silica
3 gallon plastic pots (full)
Light Sun System 315w CMH (1) - Phillips internal ballast; bulbs Phillips 4k (4200) veg, Phillips 3k (3100) flower
Light cycle 18/6 seedling, veg, 12/12 flower
Temp 65F dark / 81F light
RH 30-40%
Water adjusted to PH 6.5 - well (tap) average PH 7.5, PPM 142, EC 302 @70F
Nutrients - Superthrive, Biocanna Bio Vega and Flores, Budswel guano
First grow harvested Feb 2020, Nirvana GSC feminized; dry yield ~6 oz across 4 compact plants, plus 33 grams sugar leaf trim. My goal next grow #2 (this grow) is general improvements based on practical learning to yield at least 2x (12 oz minimum) vs my first grow. I’m going with a medium yielding Corleone Kush, so may be a challenge to double yield.
Equipment stats...calculated hours after Grow #1j
  • Exhaust Fan, carbon filter, clip fans (24/7) 2,496 hours
  • Ballast Phillips 1,308 hours (rated 50,000 hours)
  • Phillips 4k bulb 912 hours (rated 20,000 hours) Phillips 3k bulb 396 hours (rated 30,000 hours)
  • New 10x20” HEPA filter for each new grow
Key learning checklist from Grow #1 2019 GSC
  • Fill pots close to the rim with soil. My 3 gallon pots were effectively 2 gallons.
  • Target water/nutrients PH 6.5 - 6.8 for soil grow.
  • Feed during veg; select new organic veg nutrients (Biocanna Vega).
  • Veg longer for higher yield.
  • For fungus gnats, Mosquito Bits top dress, supplement with yellow traps early.
  • Let pots dry out (lift...feel light) before each watering.
  • Selective defoliation for airflow and light access.
  • Raise pots off saucers for better airflow (bird suet feeders)
  • Reduce molasses, Feed soil with molasses every other watering; start mid-veg.
  • No scrog, use LST/topping; allows me to pull plants from the cabinet.
  • Keep feeding veg nutes and keep 4k bulb through stretch; then 3k bulb and flowering nutes through flower.
  • Reduce dry time in cabinet after chop (9 days was too long 66F, RH 42) and get a humidifier for the next dry.
  • Worry less now with one grow under my belt.
Dropped 4 of 6 seeds into distilled water Friday morning, February 21, 2020. Sunday morning Feb 23 see signs all four seeds sprouting. Planted in Solo Cups, Potters Gold soil, Phillips 4K bulb 4.5 feet above top of cups, light cycle 18/6.


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Nice intro. I am growing a P98 so find your choice nice... A lot of people on here don't adjust their pH anymore and when I did it just caused me headaches and no problem not.

Also, MegaCrop is the big nute here now because it works great and is about the cheapest and the simplest. Don't mean to tell you what to do but I wish someone told me those when I was starting out.

Good luck.


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Day 4 all 4 germinated. Ordered a small humidifier to move from RH 20 (cabinet in unfinished part of basement) to something higher, should have tomorrow. Humidity will also improve when I have the 3 gallon pots evaporating and plants transpiring. Turned on clips fans to lower heat from a nice 90 degree afternoon in the sun. The fans will bring it down to 81 day, night is 65.


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Great start!

23 is a little low for seedlings for humidity though. Most likely be okay but if you want to optimize I use a small mist humidifier in my 3x3 that was under 100 bucks. My exhaust is only a 6” clip on fan on low jammed into an outlet above. With this setup I have to run the humidifier at 3/4 to full to get my RH from mid 20s to 40-50 and get fresh air flow.

See it on the bottom there. It does require a bit of dialing in between fan speed/humidifier setting/intake and outlet opening sizes but you can dial it in. A few times I opened the tent to the amazon rainforest lol.


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Day 8 added a homemade humidifier wick (washcloth) on a hanger to increase humidity, currently low 23 (lights on) to high 38 (dark)...trying to bridge until I up pot 3 gallons which will increase cabinet humidity.
I added full wet pots to my box. It brought the rh up. I also used buckets with towels. Whatever it takes. If your outside humidity is relatively high then once you start filling your box up with more vegetation you will be battling high rh!o_O

Top right girl is taking off!:headbanger:


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I added full wet pots to my box. It brought the rh up. I also used buckets with towels. Whatever it takes. If your outside humidity is relatively high then once you start filling your box up with more vegetation you will be battling high rh!o_O

Top right girl is taking off!:headbanger:
Ambient RH 40 in unfinished basement. I will up pot this weekend which will help cabinet RH. I will never have a high humidity situation regardless of outside weather. I have noticed my day and night temps are a bit higher than last grow because we have heat on now in the finished parts of the basement. I will post update for the week with pics tomorrow. The bigger girl was first to break the surface and remains the biggest...the others are catching up.


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End of week 2 yesterday, can see growth each morning. Unfinished basement area ambient RH 45, 68F. Struggling with low humidity but am very hesitant to add a humidifier in my small 3 x 3 ft. cabinet. This morning 82F (low 68, high 86), RH 30 (low 23, high 39). Evaporator set up is helping. Misting daily with PH 65 water and half strength Superthrive. Plants will go into full 3 gallon pots later today with a good watering including Superthrive and Biocanna Biovega. Im going to consider this end of week 1 for veg, will exclude first seedling week. Pics from this morning. Dropped light to 36”, will drop to 24” in a couple days.



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Day 21...Last water day 19, 1 quart each 6.5 PH Biocanna Biovega & Superthrive. No fungus gnats. Humidity much better. Temp L 66 F, H 84...RH L 29, H 45. Raised light...steady at 24”. Started LST tonight. One plant has weird super wide leaves that curl down...will watch. Stems are super strong..same as last grow...convinced silica makes a difference. Will top early next week.


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Day 23 more LST. Two pots light...two have some heft...will wait at least another day to water with nutes...will be the first deep watering with run off in the 3 gallon pots. Plants are robust. Topped all but chunky squat...needs another day or two to catch up. The stems are bigger than pencils...good thing I started LST early.



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Day 28 last water days 4 days ago, which was 1.5 gallons across all four, Biocanna Biovega now 2 tsp/gallon. Will likely water with same tomorrow...pots are very light. Temp L 66, H 81; RH L 28, H 40. LST all week...some explosive compact growth.









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