Cr8grow’s Cream Mandarine XL Auto Journal #3 2020


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This will be my first auto grow, third grow. Won some seeds and hoping for a fast big sativa forward harvest from these “XL tall autos”. Thanks Sweet Seeds.
Sweet Seeds genetics
  • Cream Mandarine XL Auto
  • Indica: 35% / Sativa: 63,4% / Ruderalis: 1,6%
  • THC: 18-23% · CBD: 0,6%
  • Indoor Yield: 450-650 g/m2
  • Indoor Harvest: 9 weeks from germination...(what?...we will see)
  • Height: 110-150 cm
Plants 4
Indoor - Custom built cabinet (3’ x 3’ x6.5’ ft. H); 4” filter/exhaust, HEPA filtered passive intake, no light leaks
Soil grow - Roots Organics 707 amended with perlite, worm casings, silica
3 gallon plastic pots
Light Sunsystem 315w CMH (1)
  • Phillips internal ballast
  • Bulb veg Phillips 4k (4200)
  • Bulb flower Phillips 3k (3100)
Light cycle 18/6 from seed
Water adjusted to PH 6.5 - well (tap) average PH 7.5, PPM 142, EC 302 @70F
Nutrients seedlings - Superthrive
Nutrients veg - Biocanna Bio Vega
Nutrients flower - Biocanna Bio Flores, Budswel, TPS CalMag OAC
Equipment stats...calculated hours after Grow #2
  • Exhaust fan 4” (24/7) 3,216 hours (total 5,712)
  • Carbon filter 4” (24/7) 3,216 hours (total 5,712), replaced, new for Grow #3
  • Ballast Phillips (rated 50,000 hours) 1,548 hours (total 2,856)
  • Phillips 4k bulb veg (rated 20,000 hours) 1,080 hours (total 1,992)
  • Phillips 3k bulb flower (rated 30,000 hours) 468 hours (total 864)
  • New 10x20” HEPA filter each grow
Key learning checklist from Grow #2 Cali Connection Corleone Kush
  • Goal was to grow some good indica for nighttime and double the yield from my first grow...checked the first box and fell short on my yield by a bit.
  • Drill more holes around pot rims for LST...done.
  • Adding Biocanna Vega was the right organic nute for veg.
  • Veg’d 6 weeks, one week longer than Grow #1. Bigger yield.
  • Introduced organic TPS CalMag OAC 2 ml/gallon. Corrected deficiency any issues.
  • Ran the 4k bulb all the way through stretch. Yep.
  • Selective defoliation of smaller low branches before flip to 12/12. Next grow.
  • Initial dry more controlled with better humidity. Ran 4” filter/fan only, no clip fans. Burped daily in the, dark and no smell. Several times I needed to dump onto paper plates for several hours. Broke down all into smaller jars with one Boveda 62 each when cure jars were 60 RH. Feeling more comfortable with curing game for quality smoke. The Corleone Kush buds are dense, tasty and hash forward.
This is my third indoor grow, first auto grow. Dropped 4 seeds into distilled water Today, Saturday afternoon July 11. In the kitchen cabinet...dark and above the under-cabinet lighting for warmth. Only two grows...100% germination rate so far.


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Thank you, and congrats on your plant of the month title last month as well as your 2nd place in the photo comp.. Those plants of yours posted in the 315cmh threads were absolutely amazing. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two here about bringing out those colours


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Hey cr8 :48: I'll take seat if you don't mind.

I've grown Cream Mandarine earlier but it wasn't auto or xl. That strain really hits the mark. Had an amazing sugary taste and great high. I will be growing some autos when I can get some seeds and this journal definately features an appealing candidate. Cream Caramel is also great.

Good luck :morenutes:
Welcome TC...this will be my first auto.


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I pre-watered the four pots, 1.5 gallons total adjusted to 6.5 PH with 1 ml/gallon Superthrive. Full pots upfront should increase RH for the seedlings. One of the root ends is black about 1/16”...havent seen that before. Otherwise all fat white shoots about 1/8”. Covered all with small humidity domes. Lights 18/6...hopefully all pop in the next few days. Should be about 82 F in there tomorrow under the 4k veg bulb.



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Welcome TC...this will be my first auto.

That will also be my first to observe an XL auto strain growing from seed. I vegged my non-auto Cream Mandarine for like 5 weeks. Yielded around 150 grams under 250W HPS inside 2x2. Grown organically with very few nutes so the regular form of this strain can already be considered as a high yielder imo. I hope this auto will shoot nice colas all over the place.

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Plant of the Month: June 2020 - Photo of the Month: April 2021
All 4 now up/almost up when I checked a few hours ago. I will update with pics tomorrow, but have one with serrated leaves already, This is Officially week 1...Day 1. Breeder says 63 days from germination. I will not chop early, but will gauge against 9 week baseline. I was happy to hear from @TriangleCheese the non-XL version of Cream Mandarine was a good yielder.
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