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Craig Macks Indoor Critical Kush & Royal Cheese Auto Grow Journal 2014

Craig Mack

New Member

Just started growing with a small but developing setup, which I'm pretty excited about!

The facts and numbers
  • Critical Kush & Royal Cheese Auto
  • Kush: Indica - Cheese Auto: Sativa 30% Indica 50% Ruderalis 20%
  • Kush THC: 25% - Cheese Auto THC: 15
  • Seedling stage
  • 4 plants
  • Indoor op
  • Soil with leca
  • Medium-large pots with drilled holes
  • 135-90w LED
  • Ventilation, filter and fans are ready
  • Tent coming soon
  • Watering every 2 days - extremely moist soil
  • No ferts just yet (Should I be using these already?)




Pretty happy with how it's going so far! Learnt that the light was too far from the plants, as I noticed they grew tall quickly. Therefore I adjusted it to now about 55 cm from the top of the plants. However, I also sort of over-watered in the startup, which caused the leaves to curl a bit, now watering every second day, depending on the moisture of the soil.

I appreciate any kind of feedback, there's much I have to learn!

Happy growing
/Craig Mack

Craig Mack

New Member
I've been having some problems since i started using fertilizer, the leaves started turning yellow and curl last friday. I looked it up on google and couldn't really find a solution. My guess is that it's a nutrient burn or some sort of nitrogen deficency, but I stopped using fertilizer and flushed them with tap water.

I read something about pH'd water and can't really wrap my head around it, if it's even relevant to the symptoms.

I would really appreciate some help here! I'll be able to post pictures soon.


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Ph adjust your water. Buy a cheap pen and some up& down. Test your water and adjust. It helps stopping a lockout. Allow the plant to take up the nutes. I think it's 6.5 for soil,

Craig Mack

New Member
Thanks. But is that really the only problem here? I'm using greenhouseseeds' powder feeding and I'm worried if it's a bad product.


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Some things to do. Pinch those damaged leaves off your plants. Go to where they grow out on the center stalk and pinch them off with your fingernails. Don't pull them off. They are already damaged, so may as well get those off your plant. It won't hurt it.

I think you are also watering too often. Try going 4 days between waterings as I think 2 is too often right now and your soil is staying too wet. After they get larger and require more water, adjust the amount then.

What type of soil are you using? Does it have anything already in it?

What are your temps where you have your plants growing? I've had issues with high temps, not really something you want to experience when you are just starting out.

Never heard of the nutes you are using, looked it up and saw it was pretty inexpensive. Not saying it is good or bad, just that I have not seen it before. General Hydroponics Organic Go Box Starter Kit has everything you need to get started. They also have a Flora Series Performance Pack that also has all you need to get started. Not saying they are the best, just that you get all the products you need to get started, and it won't break the bank, and they are commonly used with good results. If you use the General Hydroponics stuff, use it at 1/4 strength. You can always bump it up later as the plants get older. Are you over feeding with what you are using now? Try half of what they say to use.

GrizzWald mentioned getting a ph pen to check your water. Not a bad idea to have one of those. Also available is a liquid ph test kit that may be cheaper than buying a ph pen if money is tight.

Did you read the links i posted for you earlier? There is a whole blog full of good info there. You wanna learn to grow? Read some mo'! This site has many completed journals you can go through from people doing their first grow. Learn from their mistakes. You're still gonna fuck up, I still do. But you learn from it. You can't grow 1 time and learn everything.

Try some of the the stuff I've outlined above. It won't happen overnight, but give it a week or two and see how things look.

Craig Mack

New Member
Thanks man!

Started out by buying a pH test kit & the up and down, and I hit 6,5 exactly. However, I also bought a complete fertilizer kit for the three stages.

I'll follow your instructions and with the right pH value, right amount of water, I really hope that they make it. The problem with the temp, if the plants are showing related symptoms, it'll be impossible to lead the heat away, since they're inside a closet until I buy a tent :)

http://www.bauhaus.dk/plantejord-med-leca-50l-pindstrup.html#full-description - I'm using this regular plant soil mix with leca, consisting of calcium, sphagnum and other micronutrients. At least that's what the description says on their website :)


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Subbed. Start giving them little doses. seedlings are different than clones. You gotta build up the cell walls slowly instead of jumping right in. Give them nutrients every other feeding. Flush with the pH balanced water in between ;) Good luck brother

Craig Mack

New Member
Appreciate it man!

So even though most of the lower leaves have turned yellow on all of the plants, and they have had a nutrient burn, should I still start giving them small doses?


Will take some pictures after I've pinched the bad leaves off :smoke2:


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Yeah, just start out with like a 3rd of what they tell you to use, and ease them into it.


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Just give them pH balanced water for now man. Hopefully they'll turn around...

Craig Mack

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Yeah.. Just watered them some of that this morning, since the top inch of the soil felt pretty dry. They dry out very fast, I believe it's been only two days since I gave them water.

Oh well, at least the stems are in great condition, they feel very strong and robust! :48:


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Fuck yeah those will help a ton. You should check out my thread. You'd love it ;) And there's some info on nutrients in there also. It's the one thats still in progress.

Craig Mack

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YES! I can already see that they're healing up, some of the yellow colour seems to turn green from the middle, pretty damn good signs.

So the day is great, already smoked a couple and now I know I'm in the right direction :slide:

Thanks guys :439:


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Well they are green in the middle. They either look over watered or under watered. Which is it?
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