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Crailar Organic Fibers: A New, Eco-Friendly Spin on Cotton


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
CRAILAR \ ˈkrā lär \

n. 1 a: Organically certified fiber derived from natural bast fibers (such as hemp and flax), which are responsibly treated with an "enzymatic bath"* and then spun into soft, white fibers similar to organic cotton. b: Touted as the next affordable and sustainable stand-in for conventional cotton, with the added bonus of tensile strength for use in textile, industrial, energy, medical, and composite material applications. c: Named after the town of Craik, Saskatchewan, this eco-textile initiative is also supported by the National Research Council Canada. A joint partnership with Hanes is likely to make it a household name for apparel knit products globally.

*"The enzymes used in the CRAiLAR process are naturally occurring and work to clean the fibers so that they spin more easily. The enzymes and the process do not dissolve the cellulose or harm it in any way. CRAiLAR fibers are not reconstituted like Rayon or viscose."

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Author: Abigail Doan
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