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Crawdaddy's 3' X 3' Grow Tent

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Hi all!

This is the next in my ongoing series of journals, may keep this one going for as long as I have this tent. We shall see.

Set up:
Gorilla Grow Tent 3' x 3'
TopLED 96X3 Reflector
Advanced LED DS200
TopLED 6 piece COB (discontinued)
Assorted Ventilation

Plant: (in this case only one)
TH Seeds MK Ultra clone (description)
Growing 'Capn Style' Rockwool cubes in pots. In this case I started in 1 gallon nursery pot, cut bottom off and out in 1 gallon smart pot, will be stacking that in larger pot tomorrow.

Lights On!

Current plan is to add SCROG in next day or two. Veg for another week, maybe 2 but doubt it. Then flip, and train a week into flower. Trying to keep it as short and wide as possible before flower.


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Reflector 96X3: 170-200W
DS 200: 185W
6 Piece COB(this is from memory since discontinued) I think about 50W per cluster, so ~300W

So we looking at about 700 W total, probably a bit overkill, but I want to see if can keep temp under control and if better (or bad from too intense light) plant response. I swear I see some growth just overnight, but that could be positive confirmation bias.

I had to rework my ventilation to be more efficient and crank up the dial on variable speed to full (actually just got rid of the variable speed controller), the COB puts out alot of heat.


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Love it! Subbed! :popcorn::roorrip::51::rollit:


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I potted her up to a 5 gallon smart pot. It may actually be a 7 gallon seemed big. I basically submerged the 1 gallon smart pot, we shall see how well the roots grow through at the end. Did a dual drip ring irrigation set up. I will be setting up SCROG at maybe just an inch or two at most above her current height tomorrow. The little bits you see on leaves are the bits the predator mites come with, I think they are corn kernel husks. She just got dusted along with all other flower plants.

Pics with lights off and flash..



Lights on

Obi Wan

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Nice looking canopy, Crawdaddy.

/Obi Wan


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Thank you Obi Wan.

I finally got the SCROG screen set up, ended up with 5"x5" squares, will veg for 3-5 days, flip then train for week or two into flower to keep height down a bit. Also cleaned out underneath, left a few branches need to take some clones, will do more clean up after that.

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