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Crazy glue safe in reservoir?


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Hi everyone, lemme just say hi since I'm new here :p Anyways, I have 2 53L reservoirs, which I plan on growing 4 plants in, 2 in each container in a DWC setup. My problem is kinda simple really. I wanna put a 14" airstone in the bottom of each reservoir. I've tried to keep them held down with the included suction cups but they just won't stay stuck on even with water on them. I havent got any plants in them yet, as I'm still testing several things in my setup. Anyways, I was wondering if I could use crazy glue or anything else you guys could recommend that won't end up possibly contaminating my water in the reservoir and possibly hurting my future babies to be. Thanks in advance.

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Glue gun glue works fine and won't hurt anything. I always use 12" airstones and they sit on the bottom just fine without anything to hold them down. 1 per 53L tub.


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Crazy glue might be alright but Im not entirely sure its inert I know while it drys it releases anhydrous (great for finding fingerprints like in CSI).

polyurethane is the only sealant I know of that is 100% inert. I should add that like silicone you dont want anything with additives.
Ive built a few Koi ponds (Koi are extremely sensitive to everything)
Ive found that silicone is fine but in certain situations it will eventually come off due to unknown factors (probly UV)
Polyurethane will stick forever once its fully cured which can take a few days depending on the product and like I said is inert.
Silicone will be fine in a reservoir though. I havnt researched silicone exclusively like I have others but I think some are inert. any silicone used for the bathroom or other household uses with likely have anti-fungal properties aquarium silicone should be a safe bet as all fish are sensitive to a degree
I just cant sleep (been dry here for a while) and felt like writing an essay on adhesives and sealants lol.
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