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CrazyChef Grows Quadlines: Peyote WiFi, White Widow, Blueberry, Amnesia


Photo of the Month: October 2019
Welp. time to start another journal! My other grow shout be ready to harvest in about 2 months, so I gotta get the veg tent full. I figure 2 months is enough time to get these girls quadlined and ready for the flower tent once it's available.

So, what are we growing?

5X Peyote WiFi from the Vault

2X Blueberry from Dope Seeds

3X White Widow From Seedsman

3X Amnesia from Dope Seeds

Instead of using peat plugs like I've been doing, I decided to try the water and paper towel method. I definitely like it better - got a 100% sprout rate from 13 beans!

For the medium, I'll be using an organic soil mix I picked up from a big box store that has proven to work well (so far). But, for the sake of room, I'm gonna have to do 2 separate transplants. They'll start off in Solo cups, then move to 1/2 gallon pots. I can easily fit these in my 2x4 veg tent. Once they're ready to flip to 12/12, I'll transplant them into 5 gal fabric pots that'll go into the 4x8 flower tent.

For nutrients, I'll keep it simple - Mega Crop by Greenleaf, CalMag Plus by Sensi, and honey once they begin to flower.

For lighting, I have 4X double row 4 foot LED shoplights in the veg tent, and 3X Oneo II full spectrum LED grow lights in the flower tent.

I actually started these about 2 weeks ago, so I'll post pics shortly.
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Photo of the Month: October 2019
Okay, so here are the pics. They were started in water on 9/14, then put into paper towels and sealed in baggies the next day (after they no longer floated). The taproots started showing on the 16th for the PWF and AM, and on the 17th for the BB and WW. Only got pics of the WW and BB taproots for some reason.


In their happy Solo cup homes. Somehow one of the WW beans with taproot ended up on top of the soil. I noticed it the next day, replanted it, and crossed my fingers. She took, and is now doing okay, although smaller than the rest of the girls


And a pic I took about a half an hour ago. Gonna transplant them into 1/2 gallon buckets for now due to space limitations. Gonna do that in about an hour. Hopefully those will hold until they're ready for the flower tent in 5 gal fabric pots.

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Happy Growing Chef, girls look good.
Some cool strains. Just done and doing seedsman WW. Good strain they have. Amnesia I have grown before, great taste and stone.


Photo of the Month: October 2019
So it's been 10 days since I moved the girls into their one gallon pots. I have yet to water them. I normally water my more mature plants when they start to droop, but don't think that's the case with girls this young. I know the root systems are still in their formative stage, so too much watering could stunt the root growth. Should I go ahead and water them anyways? 10 days seems kinda long to go without watering. Oh, they're at 28 days old right now.



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Hey CC. It can’t hurt to give them a spritz, just to make the surface damp. It will help to wake the roots up if they’re stalled. Doesn’t seem as though they are an issue, but a spritz can’t hurt, surely? Your plants are looking nice - 10 days is 10 days though and you’re right to be wondering. Good on you for holding off this long!


Photo of the Month: October 2019
So my current grow in the flower tent has all short plants. Thinking I'll let these ones veg longer, and add a trellis net to hold up the colas once they start to shoot up. Even the short ones I've had to add stakes to with ties on them to keep the limbs from falling over. With taller plants I can see this becoming a potential problem.
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