CrazyChefs Crazy Bonsai Mother Grow Featuring Peyote Critical

This one has me super excited! I've always wanted to make some type of bonsai from seed, but really didn't have the patience to start a full fledged tree in a pot. So this is a perfect way to grow that bonsai in a much shorter time frame, and have a relatively unlimited supply of clones for at least a few years. I'll be training the mother using the tutorial by Oldtimer1 and referenced HERE on the 420MAG forum.

The strain is Peyote Critical, from our seed sponsor @SeedsMan. I saw @carcass grow with this strain, and immediately fell in love with the way it looks. Perfect for a mother plant that I want to keep around for a while. I have a closet in my grow room that I"ll be keeping her in, and I'll line it with the Mylar "space blanket" left over from my first grow before I upgraded. I'm just going to use a simple hanging residential style LED bulb to start with, as I really don't want it to get too big too fast.

For a grow medium, I'll be using organic soil (Kellogg All Natural Potting Mix) mixed with about 30% Perlite. The bean was started off in a regular Jiffy Pot. Nutrients will be simple - Greenleaf's Mega Crop and Sensi's Cal-Mag Xtra.

Seed Pack

My itty bitty baby bonsai
Cool, another PC grow!
I'm going to have to read up on the Bonsai thing
-I've heard of it,but that's about all-this'll be
interesting to watch!
That taproot is saying "dude,where's the effing soil?":)
I'm in for this one... i have kept a bonsai mother in the past, she kept me in clones for a year and a half until i trimmed too much off her roots and killed her :rolleyes:
until i trimmed too much off her roots and killed her :rolleyes:
That's good to know - I'll keep this in mind when I get to that stage. I'd much rather err on the side of caution and keep them a bit longer than necessary than to trim too short and have all that work go to waste. That must've really sucked!
Yeah it did but hey ho... i don't have the space for cloning now and stick to seeds, was a shame to loose those particular genetics though
@Richard Richardson Please add this to the "Abandoned Journals" section - I decided not to grow the bonsai (for now), and will append the plant to another journal I already have going. Thanks!

Also, if it's not to much of an imposition, can you change the title of this thread:
CrazyChef's Indoor Quad Strain Quadline Journal: OG Kush, Northern Lights, Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies

To this, please?
CrazyChef''s Indoor FIVE Strain Quadline Journal (OG Kush, Northern Lights, Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies, Peyote Critical)

Thanks again!
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