CrazyChef's Dark Devil Auto Grow - An Absolute Joy Into The Life Of An Autoflower Grow!

Not sure how I'm gonna grow these girls yet (top them, FIM them, possibly ScrOG them), but I do know I'm gonna have an absolute BLAST growing them in one form or another! So... please join me on this wonderful escapade of cannajoy!

So one of the girls popped her head out of the Jiffy Pot this morning.


Planning on using these Bergman nutes I've had for a while, and a mix of FFOF and Just Natural organic mixes for soil.


Didn't feel like waiting for all the girls to pop, and I also read that autos don't like to be transplanted. I plan on quadlining these ones, and that'll cause enough stress - don't want to overdo it. So into the 5 gallon fabric pots they went today. Normally, I go from Jiffy pot to Solo cup, to a one gallon container, to a 5 gallon container. I hope the one that popped will be okay - I covered her with about an additional inch of the soil mix.

Also have a basil plant in there. I turned off the lights after I harvested my previous grow a few days ago, and the lack of light started to force it into flower. It's now on a 20/4 schedule, so we'll see what happens to the basil.

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