Creating A Super Bug


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On one of my first indoor grows I had a problem with whitefly's.
All it takes is 1 pregnant female to get in and you're screwed. One did.
They increased in numbers and in a few weeks a cloud of 'em arose everytime I toushed a plant.
So I got some insecticide. Gave 'em a good spraying and it worked great.
At first.
But a few survived, ones that for whatever reason were resistant to the insecticide. They mated and produved young with the same resistance.
The whitefly's came back, as bad as ever.
I would spray the whitefly's and they almost seemed to like it! I had clouds again.
Next I sent away for whitefly predator's. I got like 12 of 'em (for $15! expensive little fuckers). I turned them loose but they aren't really for infestations. They couldn't reproduce fast enough to make a difference.
Then I read where some guy had used a negative ion generator.
Most everything on earth is positively charged, including whitefly's.
When the negative ions are present they bind with anything floating around in the air. When they encounter something like dust they bind to it, it becomes heavier and it sinks to the floor.
So I went out and bought one and set it up.
It worked gangbusters--at first. It knocked them dam whiteflys down and they were crawling around on the floor. I mocked them: "hah ha that's right crawl, crawl arond some thing that crawls." I said, unable to come up with a similie.
But a few of the bigger whitefly's weren't affected.
The had babies and only the big ones survived to mate and soon I had created a race of mutant GIANT whitefly's.
Some of them were as big as crows, no lie (I'm lying, but they were bigger than your average whitefly).

I know now the way to get rid of pests is to have 3 different types of insecticide. There are pyrethium-based, neem oil, soaps, even cinnamon-baed types.
Use one, then 2 days later use another, a few days later the 3rd and repeat for 3 weeks.

I didn't know this at the time however.
What I did was everynight about 3 a.m. I'd take the plants outside and set them down on the deck of the hot tub ion the backyard. It was time consuming because I had 50 plants and I could only carry 2 at a time, so to do 'em all it meant over 50 trips up and down the stairs.
When I got a group of them on the deck i'd sptay them with a hose with the nozzle set on mist.
It was about 50 degrees outside at the time.
I did this every 2 days for 3 weeks.
The spraying and cold didn't kill the whitefly's but it did make my plants an inhospitable environment, and it drastically cut down the birth rate.
Between the whitefly's leaving for "greener pastures" and the low birth rate, I got rid of the suckers and put a fine mesh screen on the air intake of my grow area to prevent a re-infestation.
If you use 3 types of insecticides, and an ion gen. AND a fine mesh screen between the plants and outside you should have no problems.
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