Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With High Brix

This grow and others in this thread will focus on creating female seeds using Colloidal Silver. While there are other ways to create female seeds, Colloidal Silver is easily obtained, and easily even made.

Much money saved and unknown strains await you!

The idea is to systematically stress the plant either partially or completely to create 'female pollen'. This is different than herming. The pollen is used to pollenate either it- female- self or other females to create different strains.

I will be using Doc Bud's High Brix Kit and to grow the buds and seeds..
For further information regarding this incredible grow system see:
Doc Bud - High Brix Q&A With Pictures

Thank you 420Mag, Doc Bud, and all you other members that help create, maintain and grow this great resource site.

Medium: Pro Mix HP with Mycos, amended with kit ingredients..and reused amended soil

Strain: Panama(+) what the hello is that?? its an ACE Panama that was pollenated with possibly 5 other ACE strains, including itself. The other possible 4 are:
Purple Malawi
Purple Haze
Golden Tiger

These are all Sativas, .excellent strains..
The Pan(+) is in bloom from seed.-
I grow from seed with light schedule 11/13 or 10.5/13.5 to help coax and extract unique terpenes in the sativas.
They are ... 28 days old.
Doc Bud's High Brix Blend
I have 3 Pan(+) in a windowsill planter and holds about 2-3 gallons of soil total.
There are 2 males Pan(+)- can you switch them? I will spray them too with a 80ppm Colloidal Silver spray.
Lights used:LED. I have a 450Watt Led bathing the plants.
Tent: Gorilla Lite 4x 4
Temp: 64-84F
rH 35-55%
No pHing..I have an aversion to rakes!
Pests? some friends that contaminate my garden with spider mites and maybe fungus gnats? Check!!
Watering when needed.
Ferts used: Doc Bud's High Brix Blend Kit. -Myco, Minerals, Magic!! Thank you Doc!

Im using a 10000ppm (parts per million) purchased Colloidal Silver. Some people make it. I diluted it down to 80ppm. I sprayed the lower 1/3 of the 2 healthiest girls, and sprayed both males completely

Dilution formula

Concentration1 x Volume1= Concentration2 x Volume 2

I used 1 ml of 10000 ppm CS in 120ml(4 oz)H20

I will make less 80ppm next time from an already diluted stock amount. I will store diluted CS in 4oz cobalt blue plastic spray bottle in fridge
(I use same bottles for my kit foliar sprays) in fridge. I will spray and drench the bud sites everyday until sacs or 'nanas form and then spray for 3 more days. Wait for sacs to swell and open before using a soft small hobby paint brush to pollenate select buds.

Some pics from today:

The 3 on right was not covered and received a kit foliar spray too early. The roots werent developed enough yet..shes on the mends :)


Good Morning! Welcome all ye who have subb'd and will sub :)
I sprayed DBKit's folliar spray Destress 1/4 strength, waited until dry, then I sprayed the CS. I don't know if adding the CS to pony ride the foliar would be a good working idea. Maybe Doc can chime in.
If you're worried about spraying too much plant and you want to only spray a part of the plant and isolate female pollen production you can use a paper plate cut to the center and a piece removed to allow the stem to fit and use as a shield. I guess aluminum(Al) foil can be used. I wouldn't though IMO, since the folliars are acidic, and Al is very reactive. I try to restrict Al use in my environment.
Maybe this herb behaves like Hydrangeas? It's Al presence or absence that allows Hydrangeas to have such varied beautiful colors(terpenes BTW:))
I will take pics every few days. Have a great weekend! :love:
I have to go to the post office to get my CS today! The 4 plants I'm reversing/seeding are rooted, planted clones right now and I'm deliberately keeping them in solo cups for another week or so. I will literally be about 1-2 weeks behind you on this one Zig. I'm making feminized seeds of 2 strains this go-round. I'll do some (+)-fems next round if this one goes well.

I just flipped this tray to a conventional 12/12 8 days ago (the parents of the clones...obviously) 3 different phenotypes of Laniakea and a really nice pheno of Rare Dankness Ghost Train Haze #1. It turns out all the beans I popped were females...but I'm still making fem beans. ;)


These little ones pushed roots in the dome and have been in the cups for about a week and a half. Currently on 18/6


That weird looking larger plant with the clones is another phenotype of GTH that has expressed a number of traits that seemed to slow it, but I had room and decided to let it grow some more to see what (if anything) it might do.


p.s. To clarify, I have 2 clones of each phenotype of Laniakea and 2 of the better GTH#1.
Hey gov, so you put your rooted clones into solos until bound then to 1 gallons, for the rest of veg? Thanks man they all look lush green and healthy......:high-five:

I usually put rooted clones (just in the plugs) right into 1 gal softies, but the last round, and this one, I've done exactly as you've described. In fact, I clipped off the roots protruding from the plugs in the dome a couple times as well, and put them into the cups to save soil. These were regs and I didn't want to use 8-10 gals of soil on them without knowing sex. Using cups, I can get them all a few nodes and rootbound using only a gallon between them all.

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