Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With High Brix

Same exact 2 that I bought Ice!

Dothedew - I had them shipped to my parents place in the states and had them bring it over. Only way I know to get them across.

I can't believe how cheap they were.. and the little bit it takes to make so much STS... I actually have enough to satisfy my needs for at least the next 5 years...LOL..
In the last year or more i've only had to mix 1 batch of concentrate which I just keep in the fridge and each time I want to do a round of sprays I just mix it 2 to 1 in a tiny dark blue glass spray bottle and I still have like 3 or 4 years of concentrate left lol. I assume i'll be good for the rest of my life off that one purchase.
I have used it a few times in the past with mixed results.
Some plants had loads of pollen and sacs and produced seeds. Some had sacs and no pollen, or pollen that didn't work.
Same results I get with CS.
I also read one place it is just pre diluted CS, not sure, all they say is it's minerals.
Alright.. its ON!!! haha

I sprayed my trainwreck which will be my first to reverse.... with CS I did get about 12 seeds total out of 2 different plants that it pollenated, so hoping for much better results with the STS...

So Saturday night I sprayed it 1x, and sunday morning before lights off sprayed it again. I will let it go until next saturday when I flip to 12/12 and spray it again 1x in the (plants morning) and 1x in the plants evening, and repeat for 3 weeks.

This is the process that everyone seems to be using right?

My trainwreck has balls! now lets see if they create pollen. So far been spraying 1 spray of STS every 5 days (can't do 2x a day due to my light schedule) but so far its working great. Now is the waiting period. I am still spraying 1x every 5 days until I see pollen... or should I stop?
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