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I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement.

I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each and make this a classic thread that will run till days end.

This is a Brazillian Haze. I grew this myself. It has the most powerful high I have experienced in 25 years of growing.
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Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" of 420 pics here.

This beauty is my best accomplishment so far, I had one with higher yield but the budrot fairy took it away from me :(

This pic is taken seconds before harvesting, you can see I'd already removed the support as the branches are almost facing down

The strain is SuperHaze (skunk #1 X Haze) from Dutch Passion, and it came in at 30g dry weight



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Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" of 420 pics here.

we have some really sick pictures already, but just one? lol have to many to choose.

This Picture comes from my first really successful indoor grow. Seed (unknown from some heady stash)

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Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" of 420 pics here.

Oldies but goodies-


Homegrown organic NYCD day 60.

A bonus I guess...


Cut and dried.

I have pictures of other expensive things that "smoke" and make loud bangs but those aren't really 420times appropriate. ;)
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