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:) Thank you! Taste's really good! Strawberry Daquiri
Tastes and smells like; Gaultheria procumbens - Wikipedia

  • Potency: Body/mind effect, calmness, high potency. No couchlock.
    These buds from this strain have a light tingly body effect that eventually moves up to your head, too long lasting. This one made me feel really good physically and mentally very calm. Perfect if you are stressed out and feeling tense. I think this one could be a good choice for pain, spasms, stress, tensed up muscles, anxiety and depression.

  • Taste/Smell: The smell will come in early flowering and really smells like. It has sweet non spicy odor that pierces through your nostrils easily. You will smell strawberrys, anything related to berrys :p

  • Bud Structure: These buds are dense, sticky, and don't have that many calyxes. They probably have the highest bag appeal because of the colors. Purple,orange with dark green calyxes and plenty of resin!


These are fresh off the line and the sweetest smelling creatures! Two plants, eight weeks. A chocolate indica mixed with girl scout cookies. The two hits of goo off the scissors sent us to the sky:hookah::Namaste:



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Humble Pie


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J Obadiah

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Above: My Kosher Kush 2018. It was the first time I ever really harvested anything worthwhile. There's 2 plants in that pic, they were about 5 weeks into flower at this point.


Above: one of the stems from one of the 2 plants. I had about 8 of these-size branches when I harvested. I could've went longer, but my amateurish concern and the fact I would be going out of town for a week got me to pluck em.


Above: another angle. They really did fatten up decently. I was proud of my harvest because it represented my personal best, which is why this year is so important.



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Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" Cannabis Photos

This cola was one of 5 on the Brazillian Haze. It weighed 35gms dry. It was not the largest cola. The biggest was 29" long!
I could stare at this sweet goodness all day long. LAWDY, that's a gourmet plant right there! (*Drooling*)


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Re: Post your "Creme de la Creme" Cannabis Photos

Here are some more pics of the entire plant.
Here you can see the Rhino tusk to the left, and Jumbo on the right.

Here are the Rhino tusk and Jumbo.

I'm sorry if this shows the Rhino tusk looking somwhat phallic!

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