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Not creme Le creme but worthy of a look. This was a friend's window sill plant. Started to flower. I had a little space and gave it a chance. 408 grams wet. Should a 3.5 zips. Ridic!!
First pic is the window plant freshly transplanted. Wasn't sure what would happen with such a shock. Only grew 3 leaf leaves the whole grow, deff a sign of issues. All went well!!






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last week of flower



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GF was looking at the plants and ask what was up with this bud, I went to the tent and checked it out and found this bud had dried greenish brown leaves and was loose on the stem. Not sure how I broke it but I removed it, took the leaves off and letting it dry.
Smells and looks delicious, I know it is not mature yet, with about 2.5 weeks lefts but we will see what it does once dried. It is very heavy and tight.
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Almost 7 years since I last posted here. Hey everyone :48:

I thought I would share a pic of some roots in my Coco/RDWC system. Roots are always a priority for me - and these are fierce!

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend :peace:
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