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Hi everybody,

I just registered and i’m starting this grow diary to say hello. Hope it’s under the correct sub-section.

I got a 4x4 with a 480w diy led fixture for flowering. Got 4 strains going currently. 3 clones: Northern Lights, Dinachem and Blue Kush. These are in 5 gallon smart pots and one Indigo Lily (Blueberry x Purple Afghan Kush). This is a personal cross of mine and i was just doing a test run and then i took it too far and transplanted into a 2 gal smart pot. It’s now huge. I had better pics but it seems i’ve deleted them. I’ll upload more when it’s lights on. Well here it goes.

(Near left: Indigo Lily, Near right: Northern Lights, Far right: Dinachem and far left: Blue Kush)

Blue Kush

Flipped very recently. Maybe a week. I have to check.

I also have this pic for now. This is my diy fixture and it works very well.


My prior grow under these.



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Looks good!
Are those cob leds? That light looks cool, I’m interested in the specifications.
Thanks man. The fixture is actually 3 seperate aluminium slabs with 6 cxb1830s on each. 18 total. 2 6500K, 6 4000K, 10 3000K. Driven at 700ma. 480w from the wall. Cheap meanwells so after driver loss about 450w. One very low wattage pc fan for each cob. Aluminium slabs are pretty thin. About 12-15mm. I forgot the exact dimensions except that they are 100cm long. It gets the job done, easily.


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Nice intro, @CrimsonEcho . Nice setup. Nice lights. Nice plants. Nice username (I'm a Crimson Tide fan).


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Ok let me give you some more background on this grow and my grow style in general.

First of all die-hard organic grower over here. I’m doing water only grows mostly and i use organic nutrient teas and AACTs only if needed.

My medium contains;

Activated carbon soaked in FPEs
Homemade ewc
Bat guano
Neem seed meal
Oat flour (when cooking)

And thats about it. Thats a standard mix. When i felt rich in the past i also used spirulina without any problems. I’d again if i ever feel that rich in the future. Haha. I also love smartpots. They go great with organics imho. And a drip system ideally.

Now moving onto this grow.

As i already mentioned 4 plants, 9th day in flowering. Some early pics to give you an idea about them.

This is how they started out at the 7th of August. Dinachem had budlets on because i was gonna do a quick grow with it then i said; “fuck it, i love this plant” and moved it into veg tent. I kinda wanted to see how fast it’s gonna revert back to veg (i love monstercropping and almost always implement it so that info is valuable) and i also wanted to grow it in a 5 gal to get some premium buds. Well as you’ll see it still has many single blade leaves but it’s flowering like the others.


They went into the big tent at the 28th. It was 12/12 at the time but then i decided to give them a week more for vegging. So they were under 12/12 for 3-4 days then vegged under 18/6 for 5 days and then were flipped at the 6th of September.

28th of August


September 6th. The positions of the plants changes with every pic almost. I’m kind of an indecisive dude. Single bladed one on the back is Dinachem and in the left side of the pic is the Indigo Lily, to the right side of the pic you can see the Northern Lights and the Blue Kush is at the bottom of the pic.


The Blue Kush is the only one that received any training because the other clones were from my bonsai collection. So they were already trained to some extent and i let them grow as they were pleased. Maybe i’ve taken off 1 or 2 tops at most.

1 week of training for the Blue Kush.


And here’s how they are looking now:

Indigo Lily. Getting a Blueberry smell from rubbing the stems. Gonna be a big yielder it seems.


And it seems i can only attach ten files so this has to continue in another post.
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Northern Lights. This plant offers a very pyschedelic high. I love it. And a good producer.


Dinachem. It has many many single bladed leaves but it’s flowering.


Blue Kush. This is a very beautiful plant also. It’ll only get better as the flowering proceeds.


Yeah. That’s about it for now. It was a very long winded post i know. But we are all caught up now.


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Hey welcome crimson!

Good choice on joining the fun!

I will tag along if you don’t mind. :popcorn:
Great! Happy to have you onboard. Also things are about to take off so good time to join.


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Pulled the lights up. 10 cm or maybe more. I was seeing the individual colours from the cobs and the lower parts wasn’t getting enough light. Now it’s fine.

Both the plants and the diy fixture (for anyone who’s interested)



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I took some measurements to see if the light is at the correct distance. It seems it is.


When the same distribution pattern is applied to the whole tent the chart on the bottom appears. I used a simple equiation for the ppfd values. This is not very accurate. First of all my luxmeter is a cheapo so the reading may be somewhat off and the equation only applies to 3000K 80cri but i use the same factor for every cob in my setup. So it’s a general estimate. But i don’t think it’s that much off because it grows good plants.


Love the 18 cob setup. Very good light distribution overall.


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Damn! Par metres are nice ehh?

Plants are looking great!:thumb:
And expensive. They are too advanced for a hobby grower anyway. Instead i take lux and i do amateur charts like these. Lol.


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Last minute vacation plan popped up. I’m gonna be leaving in a week or so. I hate to leave them in this stage. Especially the Indigo Lily. This is a test run for it and i’m afraid that if it herms i’m gonna be screwed. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I may just cull it before going but i’m not sure. Let’s see how it looks in a week. Well anyway i just hooked up some blumats. Tropfs. To keep them watered during my vacation. If i have managed to hook them up correctly there will be no flooding. Hahahha.

So the installation process gave me a photo op.

(That’s a 60cm ruler in the pics)

And the Indigo Lily is a little further ahead in terms of flowering but it’s understandable as it’s in a smaller pot. Gotta keep an eye on it tho. In the first sign of possible hermie it’ll be culled.
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