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Critical Kush - Coco - 1000W - 5x5


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This is my first serious indoor grow so will need help as i go along so thanks in advance to the people subbed....

5x5 Roof cube
1000w dual spec with dimmable ballast cool tube
rhino 6inch fan and filter

Growin Critical Kush from barneys farm
5 gallon pots
Fox farm trio with advanced cal mag

So i germinated 9 seeds in root riot cubes in a heated propagator under 125w CFL
Took about 3 days to germinate

Transplanted in to 5 gallon pots in coco, ran out of coco so put 3 into small pots, may be a blessing in disguise and someone telling me to train the hell out of 6 instead of growing 9 but we will see haha...

I hydrated the coco in ph water of 6 with ppm of 270 with calmag and once transplanted iv fed them 300pm calmag ff grow big and small amount of bloom.

been using aquarium oxgen tablets in my water butt... every little helps haha

Also does anyone know anything about light stress, after transplanting i put them under 750w about a 18inches from the plants and they look slightly burnt and bleached and leaves curled up. I dont think its heat stress as i have steady temps between 27-29c and 19-22c lights off so i have knocked the ballast down to 600w and raised the lights, hopefully they recover....

So thats it for now, i have loads more pictures and info regarding this grow and my set up with ventilation etc... but il leave that for another day as just wanted to get things uploaded on here....

speak soon hopefully have some replys thanks


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some are looking very close to not recovering... you live you learn. iv dimmed light to 600w and raised it up, will be using the cfl until atleast 7-10 days after germination in future. If some dont recover i will use the extra space and scrog the remaining with longer veg... i was planning on training anyway so not all doom and gloom. will post some pictures later when lights come on let me know what you think.


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Little update and even though seedlings are looking sorry for themselves it looks like they should bounce back so for now heres some info on how i exhausted out of my chimney flu... please feel free to ask questions.

So i have 6inch acoustic ducting running from front of the tent into an dissused chimey stack.
I started off chisseling away at the mortar around 2 bricks and slid them out, after cleaning up a lot of mess and making sure the chimney was still drawing i got a 90degree elbow joint from my local plumbing suppliers for around £10 and placed it into the chimney and sealed with expanding foam. In hindesight i should of fixed on the ducting first as i didnt leave my self much of the elbow joint to work with and was a pain in the arse fixing it on.



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oh yeh i almost forgot, i have a passive intake coming in from the bathroom below, the ducting is about 1.5metre long and wasnt sure if my exhaust fan would be strong enough to pull fresh air that far but you can feel the suck through the vent iv made...

i just used a stanley blade to cut a circle through the plasterboard and fixed the ducting to it


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sorry guys they died, not sure how and why but got 6 growing now in soil 3 weeks into veg big and healthy so i think it was something with the coco underfeed/overfeed not using enough calmag etc...

Im new to indoor growing but done loads of outdoor so going do a few in soil then move onto coco after more research. Thanks for the interest though appreciate it

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Hope all is well in your world.

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