Critical Kush - First Time Grow - Coco Coir


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Hello everyone:welcome: and welcome along my first and surely not my last adventure. This being my first time, i'd like to welcome everyone to give advice, hints, pointers, thoughts, anything at all is always welcome, wanted and appreciated.

Strain is femenized "Critical Kush" from Dinafem X2 :420:

Setup is as follows:

2 X 2.5 X 7' gorilla grow tent
220W California Light Works SolarFlare Full Spectrum LED grow light
Coco Coir bagged not bricks
Air pots 1 gal, 3 gal and probably finish in 5 gal
2 Hurricane fans
2 small clip on fans
timers and temp/humidity meters
4x12 carbon filter

What I have for nutrients are:

Real Growers Recharge
REMO nutrients full line up:
For Veg:
Remo's grow
For Flower:
Remo's micro
Remo's bloom
Nature's candy (also using in veg)
Astro flower

I'm not sure if i need anything else or if I have something or things that I dont need. Feel free to let me know. Sit back, relax and join me for the ride. I look forward to meeting with and learning from all you great folks on here
Oh you well m just coming up on my second harvest and tgis great community has hekped so much! It wasnt to long agilo u were on ur own to get to harvest and now we have a whole community to help us along!!
Yea i posted there m sure coco is great very forgiving and very giving at the same time. Knocked 13 ounces out of two girls my first go so ur bout to have a lot of fun !!
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