Critical Kush, Northern Lights, Creme Caramel, White Widow, Pineapple Chunk grow


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Ok so I lost my Incredible Bulk and Lemon Haze clones. They didn’t bounce back from the lighting issue unfortunately...

But I have a friend who took clones and is cloning me some off them, So I’ll bring them back next grow.

seedlings sprouting, clean the tent the next few days and get ready.

so we have:

Critical Kush
Northern Lights
Creme Caramel
White Widow
Pineapple Chunk

will keep you all posted

what type of lighting are you using for the seedling stage. That one plant is sure streched out
Northern lights went in a little earlier, before the clones issue. That’s why it is slightly larger.

Got busy and ended up keeping them in coco till last week, they have been in the tent now about 5 day and settling in well.

Only issue I have currently is the White Rhino seems to be slow to take off.

Day 20.

Nothing much changed, feed at 500-600ppm and still using PH perfect.

Highly rate the PH perfect, plants seems to be enjoying the nutes and makes life a heap easier not worrying about PH levels.

The White Rhino is the runt of the litter, top feeding her daily but won’t budge. Hoping to see something change soon not sure why she’s been slow on the uptake.

Northern lights was clearly a little pot bound with the issues I had starting the grow, but will bounce back no problems.

Day 55

Feed is up at about 900PPM and still using PH perfect. Love it so far..

Critical Kush, Creme Caramel, Pineapple Chunk healthy and strong, root system is going strong.
These 3 should come out good...


The White Rhino is fucked not actually sure it was even a Rhino seed, it has healthy roots.. Just has the same 2 little leaves.. have left it for shits and gigs, thing is a dud seed from what i can work out. it looks identical to week 20 pics, seeds came from GYO seedbank, not sure what peoples experiences have been but this one is a weird..


Northern lights produced a few new nodes, bottomed out and started producing pistols, i think being it was behind in the propagation i was a little too careless and shes become root bound in the coco cup before transplanting, stress plus that seems to have stunted her... unfortunate was looking forward to the Northern Lights :(


Being i have not been home lots to look after them the last month its made it hard to maintain the grow this time round..
Unfortunate but will get some new seeds and take some clones, start again in a few weeks after flower.
If anyone can shed some light on reasons the Northern Lights might have developed these problems, as i mentioned above was thinking stress and slightly pot bound before transplanting, although looking for photos of plants like this online i can only find auto's with the pistols and tricoms developing so early, this was packaged as a fem seed.


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