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This one is a regular on the farm. We have run a few critical x strains and have been very happy. Again I have been very lax on my journal but this is one larger update and then it will be steady and regular as it should be.
Hey whats up everyone that may be watching. This is my day 49 update for the Critical Kush that I have been running.

This is a my favorite pic so far I must admit

A very nice stalk

wider shot of the lady

full shot with some of the whole room
Alright everyone. Glad to see that some of you are watching makes me feel like I'm not all alone in here. This is my day 56 update for Critical Kush. This fine lady is about to be ready soon and can't wait for her to be ready.

That's the good looking stalk from last week

I am a big fan of how this lady grows

looking good and healthy she's going to be tasty

Critical Kush day 56. And that wraps up this update as well. hope you all enjoy them and look for more journals in the future that I will start from week one of veg and carry it thru the end. Until next time peace, love and fire it up
Hello all, this is the final update for this Journal. It was my first attempt and was poorly done. lesson learned. I hope that some of you will continue to watch my future journals as I have gotten a little better at them and staying more updated. anyway... here's the final round of pics

Huge top cola

Tops from the bottom looking up

Hanging out to dry

Just before harvest

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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