Critical Mass - White Rhino - Jack - Humboldt - BagSeed in Organic Soil

i just checked pages of your jour...yo may have nute lock-out...the ones with brown leaves give them a good flush with PHed water and watch the fan leaves on the next node...slow down on the feed..and you really don't need that many watts on sprouts...

yea I'll flush them, they are not sprouts tho, they're 30 days old, the only reason I went up to the 1000 was cause the growth was seeming slow but i think that whatever is going on with them is causing it not insufficient light. Thanks for the input miwa
im in to see how your soil mix works out.. did you let the soil cook at all before using it? the amendments may be burning the plants if you just mixed it up and planted..

as far as making teas for microbe activity, you can't go wrong with a compost/EWC tea. It will get a lot of those critters going, you can feed with it to help boost the life in the soil, and use it as a foliar feed as well
Great genetics. I would pick a male from the bunch that looked the most sativa and cross it with one of the more indica looking plants. Get a bigger bang out of the seed you bought. I believe you are having a nutrient lockout involving calcium and phosperous. I don't know how your going to fix this in an organic setup but a flush and a PH check is in order. You can get out of a good PH range in organics though it is tougher. Too much strong tea or not letting your soil "cook". Have you added any epsom salts? The problem looks like it is moving fast, you might need to repot into a milder soil mix to save your plants. Your soil looks pretty dry too.
Ok thanks for all the input guys its much appreciated. After reading up and getting some advice on the forums here I decided that my problem was a cal mag problem. So on the last watering (march 1st I believe) I watered with botanicare cal mag nutrient, which I am pretty sure is chemical, and then watered with a tea that was mixed up from small amounts of mother earths super tea, voodoo juice, kelp, and earth juice to try to get any of the micro organisms back that I may have killed with the cal mag.
Went and checked on them the next day and they looked way better and had grown a noticable amount which is great because the overall growth has been seeming to be kind of slow, at least in my other grows with the bagseed I had by 1 month of growth they'd be bigger than these are.
So I believe that my problem is a cal def. or mag def. or both. Which makes sense because on my last grow with this soil I had the same problem only it came about late in flowering but I figured that with everything I put in the soil it would have covered that problem.

Alright and other than that 3 out of 5 of the CM are females, one is male, and one is undetermined, 1 of the bagseed is female and 1 is male, or I should say was haha. So knowing this information I took 2 clones from each female.


Here they are after the clones were taken and re-tied down, they look so bare now.



Dr. Redwhite thats a good idea. I was planning on keeping one CM male to pollinate a bud on my favorite White Rhino and CM to get seeds and a new strain so I've been looking up the ways to keep a male. I may end up pollinating a bud on the jack or humboldt too if I like them.
I have never had a mold problem and my humidity at times is way up there. Fans and a constant air exchange while the light is on. I have never run CM either though.
Veg day 34 I think.

watered with nutrients and foliar sprayed them yesterday. They gave a huge response in one day, I guess my soil is just lacking nutrients which is weird because of everything that I added to it. My guess is that maybe since I'm going organic it hasn't had time to break down the nutrients enough to use them yet? I dunno but everything is looking much better now, they are darker green, stronger, thicker, more responsive and robust.



Heres the one male I am keeping, it is a Critical mass.

And the clones doing great. Hopefully they'll continue on like this.

A shot of some of the ferts I am using. Best part is they were all free!

So everything is looking up now that I found out about this little nutrient deficiency deal. Thinking about switching to 12/12 soon. Update again in a few days.
Okay I've transplanted into three gallon pots and put the HPS light in. Im going to let them de-stress from the transplant and let the roots stretch in their pots a little then switch em to 12/12. All the clones except 2 or 3 look like they are going to make it.

I have a problem I'm contemplating. The CH9 seeds have serious hermie problems, or at least thats what i've read, so I dont know if I want to keep them in with the others and risk seeding my other girls. Has anyone had a good experience with CH9 they can tell me about to calm my nerves or an idea of how to keep them from seeding everything if they get some balls i don't find? I really dont want to throw them out cause they look so good and they are females, but is it worth the risk? And also I am going to pollenate a bud of my CM and White rhino, if one of the CH9's hermies on me and spreads pollen will this ruin what i pollenated? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated cause i just dunno what to do with them right now.

And heres a few pics. Once they start flowering i'll be more detailed in my picture taking.

White Rhino

My favorite CM, Super branchy, bad pic though.

update; day 15 of flower

ok i need some help im 2 weeks into flower and some of my girls are still having problems. the 2 CM are still getting the burning around the edges of the leaves and they started to cup upward now and i just flushed them. The new growth on the top of them seems to be much lighter of a green. heres some pics.

the burnt edges



the cupping




Anyone have any idea whats going on with these girls? Help would be much appreciated.

And i have another question, Ive got my male in with my females so im wondering how far along do the females have to be before theyll get seeded from a male? Will this Male pollinate my females?

heres the females.



will that male pollinate the females as soon as the sacs opens? or do the females have to be further along?
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