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Croatsan's - DWC - Amnesia Haze - 2 x 400W - ScrOG - Journal - 2016


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Hello everyone. Hope you're all well.

This is my second DWC grow (got busted on the first one ten days before harvest :). It took me nearly nine months to recover, regroup and start this grow and, since I've learned so much from this site, decided to share it with you. I have a feeling this is gonna be a challenging one and I'd probably need some assistance along the way.

My first DWC went absolutely without any trouble (save for the cops :) so, let's hope this one is going to be even better. I grew Special Queen from RQS also in hydro, also in the middle of summer, also with 2x400w and the grow went without problems. But, SQ is more resistant than AH. Okay, here we go...

Strain: Amnesia Haze, RQS, sativa dominant (75%-25%)
# of plants: 3
Early veg, 15 days from seed
Indoor, 120x120x200cm (4x4 feet) ScrOG
Hydro (R)DWC
Light: 2x400W Sunmaster dual spectrum
Dual cooltube 125mm
Inline fan (cooltube): 125m3/h
Extractor fan: 425m3/h
Can lite filter 425m3/h
Nutrients: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland - Grow, Bloom, Micro, Enzymes and Root stimulator, applied half strength

Main bucket size (with plants): 40 liters (10.5 gallons)
Second bucket size (with pump): 15 liters (4 gallons)

Got seeds from a guy in my growshop, but to be honest, it doesn't look like Amnesia Haze. I know they look different in the beginning but from what I've seen on the web, this one is more indica-looking... If some of you guys who have grown Amnesia are reading this, is this really how it looks at the beginning?

This grow couldn't be more challenging, temps here are 30-33 Celsius (around 86-90F), my ambient room temp is 28-29 Celsius (84F). On top of that, if it turns out to be Amnesia, it's also a challenging strain to grow, prone to root problems... On the other hand, it might be more heat resistant... RH is at 50-60%. PH - 5.5-6.0

Didn't beat around the bush much, after germination (soak in water for 24hrs, then paper towel) they went straight under 800W and they seem to like it. (for the first couple of days I had them under 400W). In the beginning, the distance from the cooltube was 80cm (31 inches). Now, 15 days from seed, light distance is 50cm (20 inches)

Right now they are @380ppm, I'm trying to cool the res with frozen bottles and managing to keep the temps down to 25-27 Celsius (about 80F). That's the best I could do. I know it's far from ideal but there's nothing I can do about it right now. As I've said, looks like it's gonna be a challenge.

Both plants have been topped once three days ago. The little one is still catching up, so for her it's another week or so before topping. I plan vegging them for a solid month. I'm aware it might be a bit on the long side for Sativa dominant plants but, again, they look suspiciously like Indica in this early stage. I'm confused :) It's a pain in the butt if you're not sure what you're growing :)

What concerns me are these brown spots on the leaves. Not many but still, they shouldn't be there...

I'm using tap water (150ppm), I let it aerate for a week to disperse of Chlorine. I also have an additional 16 liter res outside of the grow tent where my water pump is. So, I guess this would count as RDWC? Or something inbetween? It's much easier to manage since I don't have to mess with the main res.

My two air pumps - total output 650 liters (170 gallons) per hour, are also outside the tent. I have three circular airstones, 15cm (6 inches) in diameter. I'm hoping that it's gonna be enough air, especially under termps this high...

Regardless of high temps, they are growing fast. First roots touched the res surface a week ago. The plants are 27cm (11 inches) wide from tip to tip. Hight is around 10cm (4 inches).

My main concern, given the circumstances, is Pythium. I want to add some bennies but growshops here in Croatia tend to be lacking in the beneficial bacteria department. They only have Advanced Nutrients line and I will get that only as a last resort. Not because they aren't good but because they're ridiculously expensive. I hate paying for nice picture labels :)

I would give my left pinky for Aquashield or Recharge but none of those are available here. If anyone could recommend something similar available in Europe, I'm all ears.

Next update on Thursday, the fourth of August.



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Here are some pics from my last grow, Special Queen from RQS, no scrog this time, and only one 30 liters (8 gallon) bucket. The hight of the ladies was exactly 80cm (32 inches), they were topped twice but weren't trained in any other way.

This time I vegged under 2x400W MH for three and a half weeks (25 days) and flowered under 400W Sunmaster dual spectrum and 400W MH. I keep changing bulbs places every week. Pic below: on the left MH, on the right - HPS dual spectrum.

Left them a week after the 12/12 flip under MH to reduce stretch but SQ being Indica-dominant, didn't stretch much in the first place. Pictures were taken in the beginning of the seventh week in flower. Another two weeks to go.

Two days after this pic was taken eight cops swarmed the place... I was watching "The Untouchables" when they came knocking :) I kid you not. Eliot Ness and his squad were just about to bust some illegal booze warehouse.

Nothing came out of it. The Judge told me to be more careful next time. But they took all of my equipment. The only thing left was a ppm meter and a bottle of PH- :)

Anyway, back with a vengeance :MoreNutes:



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Looking very very healthy.. hydro produces alot better olants (al round than soil) do you find it challenging and s worry about the temps? Or do you just go with the flow and try reduce it as much as pos.. i ha e a cooltu e with 600w, a red scorpian fan 375m3\h and still crnt get down below 31 highest is 37 degrees... my 250 w stays around 28 but i need a new bulb.. i ha e a bulb but igs been used for a whiles so due a new one..

Hope all ends well as its started

Cops are the worst look how healthy them plants are... not far from the finish line id cry lol


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Hi gingerscott

I do find it challenging and I do worry about the temps but there really isn't much I can do about it except to keep changing frozen bottles every hour. Luckily, the additional res made the job much easier. What really worries me is that August is going to be hot as hell here and I'd have to invest in some kind of a cooling system, that's a fact.

Also, luckily, the ladies are taking it pretty well. They're Sativa-dominant after all, should take higher temps better. They are growing like mad in hydro. I have over 600 liters of air pumping every hour through three round airstones, each 15cm in diameter so, hopefully, that will help a bit.

Pythium is my biggest concern. Not that I had any, but all the right conditions are there. I'm trying to get a hold of "Recharge" or Botanicare's "Aquashield" to add some beneficial bacteria but no luck so far. They don't ship to Croatia so I will have to find a substitute available in Europe.

Cops were surprisingly cool - the whole station came to see the plants and they all took pictures :) Indoor growing is just getting started here in Croatia and they haven't had a chance to see many hydro setups.

Thanks for stopping by and all the best.


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Day 17 from seed:

I know I said next update will be thursday but they're growing so fast I can't believe my eyes. They are around 30cm (12'') in diameter, roots have already reached the bottom of the tub and it's just day 17. Maybe I got some mutant seeds :)

New growth is healthy, I'm pleased to say. The little one is catching up nicely. It almost died, a week ago my water pump broke down and I haven't noticed until the next day when I saw the poor thing turning yellow... She's a tough and persistent one, I decided to name her Gonorrhea :)

They are now at 450ppm, drinking over a liter and a half (about one third of a gallon) daily. I swear, I could hear them burping :)


Somehow, they don't look like Amnesia Haze to me, the little one maybe, but the two big ones sure look like Indica's. Is anyone out there who has grown AH regular? Is this how it looks for the first couple of weeks?


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Day 19:

In spite of heat, they're growing fast. Left one is topped twice already, the right one is topped once, and the little one, that nearly died due to the pump failure, is coming back strong and vigorous.

But what really bothers me is the looks of the plant. New growth is coming out healthy, but the whole plant looks like salad, with these broad, weird leaves... If I saw it somewhere else, for the first time, I would swear this is either pure Indica or, at least, an Indica-dominant strain.

The stem is already thick as a pencil, roots have reached the bottom of the bucket a week ago and the whole plant is just 12 centimeters (less than 5'') in height. Okay, it's been topped twice, that should account for something. The diameter is 32 centimeters (12.5''), fan leaves tip-to-tip.

I hope someone who has experience with Amnesia Haze would clear this issue for me. It would be nice to know what I'm growing :)

Air temperature: 27 Celsius (80.5F) at night, 33 Celsius (91.5F) during the day
Res temp: 27 Celsius (80.5F)
Humidity: 40-45%
ppm: 500 (the little one is taking it like a champ).

A few pics after the light went off today:




See you in a few days...


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gonna hang out here for awhile eh


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Day 21:

Exactly three weeks from sprouting. Stats are the same as in my previous update, didn't get any fresher here... Ph is rock steady at 6.5. They are drinking about a liter and a half daily, that's over a third of a gallon. Topped twice, little one is topped once. Another veek of veg to go.

Height of the plants - 13.5 (5.3'') and 12.5cm (5''), light distance - 40cm (16.5'').






See you in a couple of days :)


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Day 23:

Res change, roots are fine, except for slight brownish color near the top. Could that be trouble? Never had any problems before so I might not be able to identify root rot from the very beginning. Where does it starts forming? From the top down, vice versa or equally, all over the roots?

You might notice the feeding tube on pic 3 is also coated with the stuff. That leads me to believe it might not be Pythium. Could it be the glue from the duct tape? The water doesn't smell. There are no light leaks. Res temp is 26Celsius (80F). Otherwise, the plants look fine, alternate nodes are starting, they're coming of age...

Any advice would be appreciated.






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Day 25:

They are growing fast. I'm thinking of flipping soon, originally, I was planning on vegging for a solid month (4x4 ScrOG looks like a lot of space to fill), but then, if this is really Amnesia Hase, then perhaps the best idea would be to flip soon, stretch and all...

They were pruned, not heavily but steadily. The little one is really catching up.

The parameters haven't changed. Still hot. Topping with pH'd water. Frozen bottles seem to do the trick. Roots are fine and growing fast. Plants are drinking around two liters daily. Ph is, as usual, rock solid. Now I forced it a little bit down, to 5.5 for a day or two.

Good thing is I'm with my plants 24/7 so I can follow closely. Things in hydro happen fast.







See you in a couple of days.
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