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Crohn's Disease by Alyssa

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Crohn's Disease by Alyssa​

I am now twenty-four, a single woman living in New Jersey. I have always had a temperamental stomach. At the age of seventeen I started experimenting with marijuana and discovered that after a few hits from my pipe, my stomach would feel good and I would even get hungry.

Then, two years ago, I woke up with sharp stabbing pains in my belly. The original diagnosis was appendicitis, but it turned out to be Crohn's Disease.

A few months later, I was desperately ill. I had a large section of scarring that had almost completely obstructed my small intestine. The immunosuppressants were in fact poisoning me and killing off my white blood cells. My doctor gave me several nausea suppressants but they made me too groggy to function.

I began smoking marijuana specifically for my nausea. When I would get queasy, I would take a few puffs from my pipe. I have since been able to throw my nausea pills away. I rely strictly on marijuana. Since I work in a bar, I can even do it on the job if need be.

My habit is fairly expensive, $200 for an ounce, per month. But without it I am either passed out in a compazine-induced haze, or too nauseous to leave the house. It has truly been a lifesaver for me.

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