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Crohn's Disease by Anonymous

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Crohn's Disease by Anonymous​

I am 22 years old and a senior in the Plant Biology department at Ohio University. I shave been using marijuana for medicinal purposes for over 10 years now, since I was 12. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease by a world-renowned gastroenterologist, Dr. Robert Wiley. At the age of 12 and for over 2 years the doctors couldn't tell me why I had chronic pain in my stomach and my intestines. First it was anemia, then it was mononucleosis, and then they didn't know what it was

I tried many medicines when I was a teenager to help ease the pain and stop the inflammation in my bowels, but none seemed to work. After experimenting with marijuana at the age of 16 more often, I found that marijuana eases the pain and helps me to open up my consciousness to its causes so I can deal with them immediately and directly. Sometimes it is a combination of factors that cause pain and I must look into all of the factors to determine a way to heal this disease. Marijuana doesn't heal the disease for me, but it does allow me to understand my body and the way it works better so it can slow the disease down. The disease doesn't have a cure, so I don't expect marijuana to stop it altogether, but using marijuana helps me to heighten my senses so I can give direct attention to my health.

I smoke marijuana, vaporize marijuana, cook marijuana oil in food, or apply marijuana balms or oils to the skin when irritation occurs in a localized area. I have also used marijuana in combination with psychedelics to heighten my awareness and experience other dimensional planes, although very rarely. The disease will be with me until I die. Marijuana and THC help to stop pain in my digestive tract, relax my mind, open my chakras, and heal my body. I use marijuana once or twice a day depending on my condition. In the most common method of use, smoking or vaporization, THC gets in my lungs and then into the blood, which carries the THC to my brain. In my brain, the THC is binds to receptor sites that help me reduce stress by relaxing my nervous system and, essentially, stopping the juices in my intestinal tract from eating away at the intestinal membrane by slowing their production. I find marijuana helps stabilize and slow the digestive system down. The marijuana that is grown with chemical fertilizers has a significant healing effect on my body, but also may cause some small side effects such as dry skin, dry mouth, dry throat, headaches the morning after, and some abnormal muscle pain. Organically grow marijuana doesn't cause these side effects, I view it as a strictly important medicine. I find that with marijuana that I grow myself, with all organic nutrients, is a highly productive medicine for balance and healing in my life. I owe peace of mind, body, and spirit to marijuana and its many medicinal uses.

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