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Cronic Pain Is My Life

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All these so called "experts" on rather marijuana has any redeeming qualities need to walk in my shoes and see if they can make the choises I have to make everyday. A bullet to the head OR break the law and take a couple hits.I have to make that choise everyday!!!!!!!!!!!
On 06/07/1999 I was on the job setting roof trusses on a condo unit my company was building. A "DAMN DRUNK" drsided we didn't need the main brace.[these were the biggest trusses I've ever seen,65' X 16'] I had just got my son down off the peek when I looked down to hear this as#$%^&*h$%^say"YOU DON'T NEED THIS" and he took his hammer and knocked the brace out and like dominoos the trusses come down on me. I side stepped the first 2 but the third one split my head open to the skull. the rest I took in the back,one after the other. I should have died and I had a conversation with God. [seemed like 20 min. even though it was seconds] I was aircared to the hospital. It shattered my lumbar 1 & 2 and smashed my 3 & 4. It took 13 hrs on the table to put me back together with a titanium cage.
Now let me skip to 2010. My pain doctors have not been able to get me below a pain level of 5 out of 10. I was doing 13- 80mm Oxycotins, 12- 30mm oxycodone , a double dose of celabrex and cymbalta, 12,000 mm of nurrotin.[i never took asprins growing up] I didn't even get a buss but it was easing the pain to a 5. Now when I can get my hands on a joint, I actually come alive and have a life. The problem was I came up with a dirty urine twice and my doctor cut me off , cold turkey. You can't imagine what that was like after a decade of doing these pills. Again a couple hits helped a little BUT when I tried to get a new doctor to treat me the first thing they did was a urine screen and I failed. I literally stayed on my couch, crying like a little 58 yr old cry baby. Well I finnally got a new doctor and after a year,I'm up to 200mm morfine 5-30mm oxycodone.Little help BUT I just failed 2nd test and he's kicked me to the curb with 30 day supply.I NEED OHIO TO STEP UP AND PASS S.B.74 or I'm afraid just getting my gun out of the house won't be enough.I don't deserve this and certinly not my wife . I have 5 children and 11 grandchildren to live for BUT as it stands now I don't even like them to see me like this.
I just wish I could find a doctor who really cares.
You don't say this in your post, but I gather your doctors have been concerned about addiction for some time (why else would they be having your urine tested for drugs?). If so, then perhaps you ought to consider some structured substance abuse program. (Which doesn't necessarily have to be from a rehab clinic; a good pain specialist provides essentially the same service on an individualized basis.) The point is not that you've done anything wrong--it's that your path to feeling better has apparently been exclusively pharmaceutical, which will never work. An intelligent abuse control program would help you understand that the conquest of pain begins, and ends, mentally, not pharmacologically. My own experience is that no medication helps very much without the mental resilience to tolerate some pain with equanimity. In the end, you, not the doctors, are the one who hurts and has to find a way of living with it. Some meds may help, but they will never do the whole job. Meds are like tools, you are like the workman who uses the tools. What matters is not that you get every tool you want, but what end result you able to produce with them. Pain-free may not be a realistic objective.

Much more than we commonly recognize, perception of pain is the result of fear (which is how torture works, by the way: not by hurting, but by terrifying the victim about what will come next). If you mentally and emotionally center yourself, almost protectively, around an irreducible core of pain, it can become so familiar that it almost doesn't count as pain anymore. This centering is not incompatible with use of pharmceuticals, but there is tension between them. Drugs, if they work at all, definitely create a temptation to want to rely on them more and more. It's possible to keep your focus on self-reliance while resorting to meds, including cannabis, but it takes constant vigilance.
You don't say this in your post, but I gather your doctors have been concerned about addiction for some time (why else would they be having your urine tested for drugs?). If so, then perhaps you ought to consider some structured substance abuse program.
I find it rather hard to believe that someone can become addicted to marijuana. It's more than easy enough to wake up in the morning and not smoke a joint or what ever your preferred delivery method is. On some medications they require you to do a scheduled urine test (or in my case it was a blood test) to make sure you're not taking any more than what you're supposed to as the medicine can damage your body or kill you. Marijuana addiction is just a concept implied to brainwash you to think that smoking is that much more wrong. However, I can honestly say I have NEVER been addicted to marijuana. Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin for example, those are addictive drugs and I've seen all three of those cases play out from start to finish.


I'm in my 20's, and I'm also in pain but obviously not as much as you michaels. Most of my problems is from reckless behavior and bike/long board accidents. In Canada weed is illegal to posses, under a certain limit in Ontario is a misdemeanor, which I've dealt with before. Get a slap on the wrist and the substances/paraphernalia taken and on with your day you go. Unless the law enforcement is more strict down there than that's what you can expect with getting caught with a small amount. NEVER posses over that amount if your doctors refuse to prescribe medical marijuana.

I haven't seen my doctor in about 8 months, she doesn't give two shits about me as an individual. She doesn't care what I have to say, she is only interested in paperwork and paychecks. Therefore I've concluded one thing until I am proven otherwise. Doctors don't really know anything. You are the one whom understands your body and can tell what does, or doesn't work - or makes you feel worse. Listen to your body, as it does speak to you. I too have a problem with doctors and the care factor, as this age progresses I see less and less caring about humanity, and more caring toward a synthetic material that has no actual use to us. Money can't feed us, nor turn into drinkable liquid. We cannot burn it to stay warm as the toxins in the ink aren't suitable for our lungs, and it most certainly will not provide oxygen! Greed has certainly overcome those whom assume their resting on a higher pedestal than others.

Excuse that slight rant, but as far as I see it. If it positively soothes your pain, then allow it to help you! I've never had any medication that has helped me as much as marijuana ALONE has in my short life, even though I have been on quite a few. I'm not a stoner or an activist for marijuana, but I do recommend it to those in lots of pain or with mental disorders such as Bipolar (whom are of course above the legal smoking/drinking age). It is YOUR body, YOUR life, YOUR choice. So make it. If it improves your family life and your overall daily activity, then I would recommend doing so. Just do it discretely, either eating the bud, or having a stash of cookies hidden from everyone else.
I like what you said here. I've been on medication off & on since 1973. Which is when I had to have my first surgery, for female problems. The second one fallowed 2 years later, for a total hysterectomy, nothing left. I really wasn't that sad about it, since it stopped the pain. That's when I found out I couldn't take a lot of the typical medications that are given to relieve pain. It turns out I'm highly allergic to all opiates; morphine, codeine, etc. So, to make a long story short; I started smoking marijuana & it helped. I couldn't believe that it helped as much as it did. I bless the day that I figured out it wasn't just the stuff I smoked, but also my attitude that made a difference. Which it has also helped since I have depression & a few other problems that regular medication don't help all that well. Thank you for helping me to realize even more, how important a good attitude really is.
I too suffer with degen. disk disease, 5 bad disks 3 in my neck an 2 in my back. Arthritis in my back an shoulders. Out on disability with no insurance. Can't afford to stay in my house and get insurance. 10-13 years i spent on pills and more pills to counter the first pills...blah blah blah, you know the story. Things started to shut down for me. So i sent back all my meds and went through 3 weeks of hell getting them out of my system. Oh, i have been smoking though for 30 years or so, so the only pain relief was my herb. so last year i put myself through some of my own physical therapy because i was feeling better and wanted to try work again. One thing led to another as they do...got run down by someone? with their car. Broken shoulder,leg and hand....4th concussion. No insurance...no hospital. Took about 2 weeks with shit wrapped before i could walk but has taken 9-10 months for things to heal as best they could so i could get around and sleep. I live in Maine so you learn how to survive no matter what from birth. So getting to the actual point...I have tried a ton of strains but i always continue to search for the perfect one. I have surpassed the days of couch lock and smoke for entirely different reasons today although i love all medicines, sativa/indica/hybrids. So has anyone that continues to live in pain found that RIGHT strain that allows them to continue to be active,aware yet medicated just right? I'm able to just get back into growing and have some stuff started, finally was able to buy some seeds (white widow,cheese,blue cheese,trainwreck,and ak-47) also have some bag seed going, supposedly strawberry kush an northern lights?? Not sure on sex though. These are some that i enjoy but would love to hear anyones thoughts and ideas on other strains they find better than any other. Oh, i did get some free sleezstack skunk too. Thank you all for your contributions for all at 420. I love this site! All of you experienced growers here at 420 i want to thank you too for all of your great info, you have helped me get my bearings back as far as the grow goes and have saved me already a few times! Keep up the good work!
Hello, I realize this is a very old thread, but it appeared to have some activity last month so I decided to give it a try. Pain is a deciding factor in every decision I make. It's not something I'm aware of, it has turned into a habitual and regular thing like goose bumps. Auto-pilot. Then I smoked a joint for the first time in over 30 years and that was it. Changed my life.

Like others, I also am allergic to opiates. I never used to be. Now that I can walk into any of my doctors and any of them will write any drug in any amount for me, I can't take any of them! How ironic.

Anyway, I have had Hepatitis C since I was 16 and I am 58. I was treated 5 times, one year each time, using INterferon and an assortment of drug cocktail ingredients which made my hair fall out and I basically slept 18 hours a day for 5 years. No muscle left, no strength, and lots of pain from inflammation over the years. I am HepC negative and have been for almost 2 years, but I am left with the damage it caused my body over the years.

I have arthritis everywhere. Fibromyalgia since I was 14 from a major injury. Myofascial Pain Syndrome is delightful too. I'm not complaining, but hopefully someone will read this and get hope. Now when I medicate, the pain is still there in differing degrees, but my state of mind is so much better that I manage to do more and life more fully when I have cannabis in my bloodstream.

People who are taking 30 oxycontin a day, and 20 oxycodone, etc...well, that's an addiction problem. I am an addict. I have been sober for over 30 years. Smoking canna was very difficult for me to come to terms with, but I know who I am and my sobriety is safe. I see cannabis exactly the way I see an aspirin (which could kill me btw). Aspirin could cause me to bleed internally. So, as you can see this was really a last ditch and it worked.

How fortunate.

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Folks...don't suffer from pain ! You do not have to! Smoking can help somewhat (especially if you find a strain for you). Honestly, I don't mean to be blunt but to the point. A strain with high CBD such as Harlequin, Cannatonic, AC/DC, Bentley and new ones coming out made into a concentrate (Cannabis Concentrated Oil) will not only end your chronic pain issues but added with a Sativa or Indica (depending on other issues like depression/anxiety) but so much more...a OG 50/50 sat/ind. or similar can double duty and cover all spectrums. Keep in mind though you do not want Sativa for night time as the wheels in the sky keep on turning. Dosed on the gums properly you will be bright eyed and bushy tailed with NO euphoria and will take your HEALTH to a level you never thought imagined before. You not only owe it to yourself but to your loved ones....it truly is the one and ONLY med you will ever need. Its WORD !
I have been under constant and unrelenting moderate to severe pain for 8 years since my last surgery. There is an appliance in my neck fixing 2 sets of vertebrae's to each other, as there are 2 separate fusions in the lumbar spine. Needless to say...the treatment modalities have ranged from Lortab to the current Oxycodone, benzodiazepines and Fentanyl patches. Finally, I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Affective disorder/depression.
I pray every day that the state legislature will approve MMJ, so I can find the benefits and loosen the dependence and intractable hopelessness that is my life. Can't stand feeling like a criminal and spent thirteen years as an aircrewman/hospital corpsman in the Navy so again...breaking laws just doesn't fit my idiom. I do know that select strains offer both pain relief and real help with the depression. (Far more than Lithium or any of the cocktails Big Pharma rolls out)
Point being...if your in an MMJ state, count your blessings. Any thoughts on strains to alleviate or even modify depression would be most helpful. Knowledge is power. Peace and...:green_heart:

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Hi Kingkudzu,

Information gathered from your post, strains I would suggest (for a cannabis concentrated oil) is a high CBD strain like Harlequin/Cannatonic/AC-DC and a recent one that looks very promising but I have yet to get my hands on is Harle-Tsu. A source in San Diego has this strain that he grew and was tested at 21%THC/16%CBD. This would be an excellent strain for many many aliments not to mention a perfect strain for daytime use fighting the likes of cancer, etc. This would improve your health immensely!

I couldn't take the pain you mentioned for eight years and pray you find a solution. It is a shame you have to suffer because of our exiting laws in place. Everyone has their own cross to bear, for me, suffering like yours would force me to move. Inflammation and pain creates so many more health issues and its a snowball effect.

It is so good to see the elite growers pursuing these high THC/CBD strains for medical purposes! Next...bring on the CBN's!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Motoco 1982 :Namaste:
Hi there and thanx for a good post that made me even more stoked on spreading the knowledge and experiences i have had wiyh various strains.
Speaking of medical marijuana and painkilling/relieving properties i have only been hunting for those high cbd consistant strains that will deliver the meds each time..

I have also discovered its abit differance in available strains and types developed for pain between us and europe.

Ex i often find emerald triangle or cali tokers too have other favorites than europeans but anyway.
Ive grown about 85-105 different strains over the past 13 years always looking for all traits in one that i desire but off course i found it impossible to pick only one or three favorites. More like top 10.

Here is what i have found to work best for me and many i know but hey we are all different.

Top 5 medical pain relieving strains (top 5 anxiety treatment,top 5 anti depressing and list of cbd rich strains i reccomend if u want low levels of thc to work properly while beeing painreliefed..( it should be said that i enjoy smoking it and like some for recreational too and for anxiety and depressions, so i cant say it is for other peoples lungs other than how it worked for me. Guess they all would work just as great if eaten or taken in cream or other solutions.
So here it is

5 pain relieving strains with both high thc for medical and recreational use and cbd for medical and recreational use.
- white rhino by greenhouse seeds
A very powerfull medical variety consisting of a cross of white widow and a very powerfull dense indica plant.
So great pain relief cause of the ratio of cbd cbn thcv and other active and non active cannabinoids. Dont remember exact numbers but i think its thc 12-14 somewhere and a what used too bee a very high cbd content i think was 1,9. These girls really have the potential of killing or at least relieving your pain drasticly. If properly grown it will make even your face numb like cocaine!
Scientists from japan was soo curious too what made white rhino soo good for pain properties that they travelled to amsterdam to get samples they could conduct tests on! Ps: its a knockout strain and not meant for working afterwards. Good for oain sleep and depressions imo.

- aurora indica ( northern light x pure afghani) one of nirvana seeds most powerfull medical indicas! Not reccomended for days u need getting things done if not u have a very high tolerance for cannabis.
- Ice (indica crystal extreme) a four way hybrid of shiva shanti,hindu kush, skunk and misty i think it was.
This is my ALL TIME favourite strain hands down.
Veery good for pain anxiety and depressions and sleeping disorders.
Most frosty buds i have ever grown out of about 85-105 strains. Both in coco soil and hydro deep water culture it outfrosted the other syrains by ALOT and those strains was white widow,sensi original hash plant,crystal (northern lights x white widow), and last but not least it outfrosted the very dense aurora indica i also liked.
- granddaddy purps ,created exclusivly for pain relieving by apotechary seeds founder who from what i heard have either cancer oor ms and did it too create a seedbank exclusivly passionate about reducing pain. High cbd and a nice not that overpowering effect.

And finally for those who only want to combat their pain and aint searching for any other effect i would reccimend my favorite aeed breeder of all time Dutch passion who pioneered marijuana in the 90s by beeing the first to launch feminized seeda to the world.
They have now had a year or more working with a new generation of breedera from cbd crew too make three new additions of marijuanastrains with a veery high cbd content and a even ratio of cbd thc of 1:1.
So for everyone that wants a veeery high cbd medical strain without the overwhelming thc effects check out dutch passions new medical line and keep in mind ex white rhino became world known for a high cbd pinkilling effect and the cbd % still was under 2%!!! They have now made the cbd skunk/haze with a 1:1ratio of 5% thc and 5% cbd and still is high yielding ease to grow consistent and good tasting.
The cbd kush has even more with 6% of both thc and cbd
And now the compassion with a 1:1 ratio of 7% of each!!!
On top of that some phenotypes have been registered with 14%cbd and they are as far as i know now working on icolating the 14% cbd gene trait.

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Very informative post! Even though strains vary around the world it seems they all have one thing in common, they all have their intended purpose. I'm on the sites you speak of quite often scouring for new strain's information. You would be interested in some high CBD strains like Harle-Tsu. It won the Emerald Cup last year for the highest CBD strain coming in at 20:1 CBD-THC. The breeder also crossed Cannatonic (Canna-Tsu) and another one that slips my thought (think its Bentley-Tsu).

I'm anxious to see CBN come to the forefront also. CBN I believe will be a huge factor in my opinion for brain disorders. Perhaps with CBD and CBN it might just hold the key to curing Epilepsy or Parkinson's Disease. Again, just my opinion.

Knowing your strains for medicinal purposes is a must if your serious about your health. Finding what is right for you and your makeup is important. Grow them, mother them and clone them so when you do find them you have exactly what you need.

Nice read Brother!
I am very glad that high-CBD strains help some pain patients, but for treating chronic and intractable pain, especially for those with long-term pain issues, I am of the opinion that THC is required for relief. You can't go from taking Oxycodone and Fentanyl to a high-CBD strain and expect results -- and when you're in pain, most people need immediate results.
I'll add to this old thread.

Here, in Washington State, the mmj dispensaries carry pre-filled CO2 oil cartridges. I've been using them for several months now, and have found one strain, Kush Berry, to be extremely effective for pain caused by lower back issues as well as moderately helpful with chronic plantar fasciitis. This oil is 73% THC, and is an Indica, so I'm not exactly over-active. But, if I'm careful and don't keep vaping purely for enjoyment, dosing can be easily controlled with a good variable voltage ecig.


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My wife with fibromyalgia just got her Dr recommendation 6 months ago. We have grown White Widow and Caramelicious from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. When I let the trichomes go to Amber we get some great body effects, enough to know we want high CBD/CBN strains. This grow has yielded good nighttime before bed knock you out pain relief. So far the energetic daytime smoke effects are from the earlier harvest (presumably lower CBD) plants.

If we go to the Cannatonic ACDC strains, is it likely we can find energetic, body pain managing effects?

Can you recommend a reputable seed breeder that ships to the USA? (No clones yet in the local states.)

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Your on the right track with a high cbd strain for chronic pain. Check out the link above my sig as this option can greatly reduce/eliminate pain.


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Thank you for your reply 420 motoco.

I showed this link to my wife about a month ago.
She was adamantly resistant to a process involving flammable solvents.

She found a (presumably less concentrated) recipe in H*** T***** Cannabis Cookbook.
I needed to grow a bit more before we can afford to concentrate 2oz of bud.

Thank you again. You are an asset to :420: