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Crop King and Mandala Seeds


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Can someone explain why Mandala Seeds outright condemn a 12 hour soak and Crop King demand it? According to thier guaranty.


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Everyone has their way that is the best. Most of them work fine. Some strains have harder shell then others and may need help. Nothing wrong with a soak. Just not to long so they drown. Also make sure they stay damp not drowned. Don't let the tail get to long and try to get it pointed down when you put it is soil. Be very careful with them the root is very tender and can break easily.
#1 thing is be ready. Have everything you need soil, lights, pots ect. Have the room or tent ready to go before ever germinating seeds.
It is better to plant all the seeds after most pop then it is to wait for the slow ones. Tap roots can get long fast so be ready.


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OH YEAH! forgot to say. Everyone's way is the best. Breeders and growers all think their way is best and the others are wrong.
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