Crop King is king 2015 to 2017

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I am very impressed with crop king. way back in 2015 i lost my stain i had for over 12 years. so i was shopping around for a new strain to play with. ordered a hand full of the old school seeds form the UK seed banks. long and short got f-ck in the deal . i new better. 6 month later started shopping bc seeds so i ordered 10 Dark Angel from crop king at my door in days cool any way had problems with the germination so i sent an email explaining what i had done ( seeds split then just stopped) no reply send another still nothing i piss t so kind of just bowed it off fucked again. year later at are loco supply store they started tell me about the new seeds they got one look i started lol so told him the story he said they usually very good about that lol. so last week sifting thought old emails i find it and realized i am sending to a no replay email want a dumb ass lol SO i coped the emails and for shits and gig ells i posted it on talk to the king on there site. with in minites they wanted my phone number i thing WTF so i give it. they call its the head dude so i start telling the story and relay it was most likely on my end that went wrong any way he said NO PROBLEM we are going to replace your order ?? WTF i was thinking bit of a discount maybe a couple free seeds on the next order. i was stunned this is 2 F ing years later . he said they stand by there product. I AM :goodjob::thumb::thanks: you got my bis. and when i get back to town i will stop at the loco store and tell them what you guys did on my F CKUP . :thumb: thanks
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I am happy. that was the best. that kind of costumer service dose not exist any more . its press 1 for English and the fucker still cant speak it. THEY PHONED ME :cheer:
I am soon to be a new grower. I know absolutely nothing about growing lol. I do know this I will be using Crop King. Word of mouth is power. Any tips that can be offered to me please don't be shy. I will be using BCNL Bloombox and White Widow auto flower seeds.


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I ordered candy cane auto last year. A pack of 5. 4 had germed one did not. Not a big deal there. The 4 that did germ, turned out completely make, not Hermies. They sent me a 5 pack of Early Miss Auto, and a 5 pack of Nortgen Lights auto. Needless to say I have hit numbers that some say are beyond the limits of unbelievable. Check out my Sig. You might be blown away.