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Crop King seeds are bunk


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Gorilla seeds is the most commercial over hyped companies in the world there own like of genetics are shit and the flowering times and yields on there website is just ridiculous compared to other sites

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I was looking try ace seeds this morning what's your favorate strains from there weaselwacker

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I like the sativa highs myself- can't really tolerate the indicas. Out of Ace's strains I've grown Malawi, Peyote Purple, Snow Moon, Golden Tiger, Thai Stick, some Orient Express and Chitral crosses, and I've got a Panama overdue for harvest and some Honduras that are just seedlings. The Panama is really a beautiful plant and I have high hopes for it, but the quick dried samples I've tried didn't give me quite the kind of high I'm looking for -that might change of course when it's cured properly.
My favorite strain of any breeder is the Golden Tiger. Malawi is my second fave- I've been growing it for quite a while now but it's a bit more of a speedy high so I can't smoke as much as I can of the GT. Golden Tiger is like a perfect high for me-totally happy and uplifting, psychedelic, but it leaves my mind perfectly sharp and clear at the same time. GT is a Malawi crossed with a Thai male.
Good Thai weed as a general concept is tied for second favourite with Malawi. The one I've been growing the past couple years is Mama Thai by Seedsman.
Ace also has indica strains I just don't have much experience with them.
If you like sativas also check CannaPot which is a sponsor here. And most mainstream seedbanks carry a sativa or two, of some sort. They're less popular because a lot of people are in a hurry.


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The customer service is the main problem. The funny part is, I made this thread a week ago. A day later 420 emailed me saying since crop king is a sponser, they invited them to comment on thread. They havn't bothered. If they do, I hope they use the same language they use when you contact them directly. It's almost like they don't realise they are being insanely rude and conceited. They act as though you should kiss thier feet for selling you thier product. Seeds are legal to sell in canada, so when I buy them it's no different to me then buying milk.


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had a great transaction with AMS. Their sits is great, too. I avoided CKS because their site is not secure. I asked them about it and well over a week later they sent me a message to just call in my order. Ended up going with Bonza for my most recent order and the shipping was amazingly fast and stealthy.

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