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Hey gang thanks for dropping by my second grow journal which is:
Auto Jack Herer by crop King seeds, 70% Sativa, 20% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
9 weeks flowering time
Indoor, in a space bucket now until preflower it's been 15 days since sprout broke ground
Pro-mix organic potting mix (red bag)with coco coir, lime, and additional perlite added & mixed well
Cheap 135 ufo LED in space bucket with fans reversed for exhaust
Small muffin fan for intake
3 gallon smart pot
Nutes will be dyna-gro grow and bloom, cal-mag supplement
Gave 1/2 strength grow nutes today for first feeding
Avg 82f temp and 40-50% humidity
Root system is already looking good, very stout plant so far
Has some slight pale coloration on few leaves that you can see, and very large cotyledons
I might top or try some ponytailing, LST
Here is Jacqueline:


I will be updating this journal along with my current early miss grow :) :)
All welcome to following along, hopefully I won't screw it up too bad lol
Topped a couple days ago and removed top fan leaves to expose bottom better after seeing it done on beast's thread I really didn't train until late on my last grow so I'm hoping to pay more attention to shaping her up better

Applied restraints just now day 20 from sprout, will see how she responds tomorrow
Looking really nice squeektoi. :high-five:

I see you topped yours. I hesitate to top autos - I know, I know, Atrain and the crew discounted that long ago, but old habits die hard sometimes. I'll tell you I wished I'd topped the Dark Devil Auto earlier. That girl's a beast!!! I wonder if she knows she's an auto? :laughtwo:

Love the space bucket. Let's see how you deal with the restrictive space. Ok, back to my post now. :hug:
Great start dude, I am doing my first one, I started training little later as I was little hesitant however seems to be doing ok. So far has been a great learning curve for me and some great knowledgeable people on here who are always happy to help. Looking forward to your journal :thumb:
Snid I'm so excited this plant really has potential now with the better light and environment, nutrients..
The three younglings are Mephisto Genetics deep blue c f2 "Mitch's pick" x 2, (both coming up today) and one Tyrone special that sank in the shot glass but never threw out a root, so I'll wait two or three more days see if she comes out to play with the rest of the kids. I might start a separate journal for them in time..
She looks like she appreciates the light. Looking good squeektoi. Mine's at 40 days. Yours looks like she might have more potential under your skillful touch. I'm still learning to train.


I'm hoping you get more than me. That would make me very happy. :circle-of-love:
Jacqueline will be 40 days old tomorrow, here are some pics of her this morning on this lovely spring day :love:

I'll be adding carboload in a few days and continue with some training,
getting 2ml per liter of bloom A&B now, no signs of nute burn or light burning her.
I am happy about that.
hesitant to trim fan leaves but they are really getting in the way and the whole
plant she is so freakin lush I'll wait a bit :)
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