Crop King Seeds Crown Royal SCROG

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CKS - Crown Royal
70% indica
Blueberry x purple kush

Im very impressed with the durability of this plant no matter how much I topped or lst it came back. It has grown to this point without any issues and has handles high stress training well.
The aroma is very unique and hard to explain. Sweet but not like blueberry.

Im in week 5
The mother of these clones has been grown out by a friend and the smoke is great. Very smooth and very potent. You'll find yourself in deep thought for hours staring blankly into the abyss.
Wow! That looks great! Very professional looking. You'll have your work cut out for you come harvest time!

My own Crown Royale is in day 43. I did very little pruning and the two plants have bushed out to nearly fill a 5x5 tent. I imagine an outdoor planting would grow huge. The odor is getting pretty strong, but not quite to the point of being offensive (yet). This is a great variety and I can't wait to try it in a bowl!
The reason I choose this strain is that it has great THC and it also has more CBD than I've seen in any other strain except for strains dedicated to producing CBD (like AC/DC and Harlequin).