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Crop King Seeds Originals - White Widow - Blueberry - Journal

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KidGrow420's first Journaled 420magazine grow

Original Blueberry & white widow
Blue=%75/25 indica , Widow=%60/40 Indica
Indoor grow

10 seeds germinating 5 Blue Regs. 5 White Widow's. Currently in Germie mode for 25 hours, only 3 of the 10 have cracked. I placed all 10 seeds in 2 cups of Luke warm reverse osmosis water for 18 hours, then when all where sunk I placed each in a paper towel on the plate in a humidity and temperate controlled room. Still awaiting for the others to crack..

Soil mixture, 100% organic fertilizers and materials. ( the norm with me. Also me secret ;-P )

Only going to be using a 1000 watt HPS for this 6x7x9 ft high room. With a 120v/240v ballast.

Fully customized and constructed VEG and flowering rooms for the original strains wrapped in panda plastic.

-Hurricane Blower Exhaust 400 CFM
-2 osculating fans

Temp Controls
Thermostat/Humidex/temperature control(ers) & timers

Lucky enough for me smell is not a issue. So no costly expenses there.

I will only be keeping a journal of my Crop King Seed's. As for my other 1000 plants in 4 different rooms,,, that will have to be for another day and a whole lotta joints.. haha Any questions feel free to ask. I also would like to say, I specifically picked these two strains from CK's to grow and breed. I would like to put there genetics through a true test and see if I can breed sustainable, yeildable, and also potent hybrids of there seeds. I have all the seeds/landraces I can possibly need. But a friend told me to check these guys out. So here I am.. I will be cross breeding CK's Blueberry and White widow to make Blue widow, then I will be cross breeding that with another CK's hybrid strain to see what we get. Every CK grow I do will be recorded, photographed and posted for all to see and learn. But first things first. Time to get crackin dem seedlettes ! :cheer:





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So after almost 72 hours 8 out of the 10 seeds are hatching and little tappies are starting to come show themselves. I changed the paper towel they where in. I ALWAYS use reverse osmosis water with a temp of 14 degrees celcius in a temp/humidity controlled room.


-In room 19 degrees celcius

-Saturation water 14 degrees celcius



Going to prepare materials for planting. I'm assuming within the next 24-32 hours they should be ready for planting.


Thankfully I have a 100% environment controlled room. I'm able to stabilize the temp & humidity & airflow at my own will. So in the case of planting my seedlings, normally I would use a plastic dome tent to cover and help keep up the humidity. But in my room I can easily raise the humidity to my likening. So when we do get to this point you'll see me raise it to 65%-75%. I also spray a bit of carbonated water on them to help them suck in as much co2 as possible. (this way has worked for me since I started cultivating 15 years ago, but only with small grows obviously). So, until my next entry :Namaste:.


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I'll be the first to sub, nice genetics bro :thumb:
P.s. make a signature for your journal, welcome :48:


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I'll be the first to sub, nice genetics bro :thumb:
P.s. make a signature for your journal, welcome :48:

Thanks Brad.

Thanks. When going into a breeding/growing cycle I always like to start off with the Original genetics first. Especially when judging seed companies. It really show's how stabilized the companies true genetics are when you go for there original genetics first. If you purchase seeds off a seed bank and they encounter a variety of problems throughout their cycle. Then that tells me there hybrids will probably be just and as equally poor over all and not to even waist anymore time on that seed company.

PSS: Making that siggy meow ;)


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Well, I must say. I'm so far a little displeased with how long these seeds are taking to germinate. The paper-towel I am using and the water are now at equal temps. 19 degrees. I am using only reverse osmosis water. The first 18 hours I had them in a cup. (They also took about 24 hours to sink....) Then I placed them in a paper towel on a plate with RO water at 19 degrees. The humidity in my room is at 67%... We are on our 4th day of germinating now there is only 1 out of the 10 that has a taproot fully showing. But mind you that tappie is 1 centimeters long, so not very big... CK's I'm not hating yet cause this might not mean a thing. But I haven't germied a seed for 4 days in years. If they don't germ in 3 full day's then I toss them. It tells me they might have less vigor then the others... But I also deal with hundreds of plants a day, so I have my phenotype selection start right at the seed. If you can't crack and tap me out a 3 quarters of a inch root + in 72 hours. Your gone. But since I only ordered 15 seeds,( saved 5 blueberry regs) I do not have this privilege. I will wait another day or two to see where these seeds get me. I know I'll probably only get a few seeds out of this, so I'm hoping one of the blue's is a male. Just so I can get on crossing WW with BB and making blue widow clones.

All in all so far, ( i know chitty chit happens from time to time. But...) not impressed with the CK's seeds thus far. This isn't to say everything wont turn out.. But so far. UN-impressed with the germie process.




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My cheese candy from Delicious seeds acted the same way... But only for 3 days not 4, its probably the strongest plant I have now.


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My cheese candy from Delicious seeds acted the same way... But only for 3 days not 4, its probably the strongest plant I have now.

Ya, this dose tend to happen from time to time. Kind of a "tortoise" winning the race type deal. I guess it all depends on ones time schedule. If I was heavily producing I wouldn't spend the time of day with these types of seeds. But if I'm doing what I am, I'll have patience and check em out a bit longer. Frustrating tho.. But I'm sure it will be worth it. I''m going to be cloning ,breeding,monster cropping, lolly popping,topping, and super cropping these plants with a SCROG, To put CK's genetics to the test and see what they have to offer. So I hope this batch turns out sooner then later. My life is on a time scheduled, when it get's "unplugged" I get frustrated..


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So, I uploaded my picks for the journal yesterday and had a nice journal written, but for some stupid reason i hit a button on my laptop and my screen went back a page so I lost everything I wrote.... So, obviously I was in a enraged fit and went and did a half gram dab, then forgot completely about the computer for the rest of the day haha. But anyways here we go..

Day 6 Germination

Ok so yesterday (germie day 5) produced 7 plantable seeds. I use 100% organics with my own secret mixture of organic nutes. :p Just two had a tappie a half inch long.. Which is kind of ridiculous. considering I germied these the same way I germie all of my seeds, basically forever with very high success rate... But anyways, I figured I'd let CK's know about it. So When I called it was the easiest conversation ever.. I explained my situation and they are sending me 15 new seeds of blueberry and white widow along with a bunch of stickers, grinder and t shirts & other things because they noticed I'm keeping a photo journal. Pretty cool of them. Thank's Crop King Seeds!

Ok, so my little trick in helping a seedlet that's not quite tapping to expectation, & is the only seed(s) I have left of that strain,, and it needs to be saved.. I get a 60 CC plastic syringe.

Then CloneX

Then RO water

Then I suck up 3mL of CloneX and 57mL of RO water. Then put it in a glass cup mix it well then suck it back up.
When I go to plant my seedlets and their tappies are weak or stunted (like in my case) I make the usual 1 and half inch hole with my finger and put the seedlet in then cover it up and shoot 5mL-10mL of the solution over where the seed was planted.

Make sure to only "shoot" em once tho. and the rest of the time make sure to keep your medium moist and with retaliative humidity of 65%-75% This technique has help me out tremendously over the years. I almost lost a complete generation of certain geneotypes one year do to a fire. When we where in recovery mode the seeds didn't want to germie, (probably effected by watching their parents be burned alive :-( ) so I did this and almost every single seed Germinated and 1 out of 7 produced strong phenotypes. So, this is my last ditch effort in saving these seeds. I usually toss seeds like this away if they don't tap a 3/4 inch + root in 72 hours. Don't even spend the time of day with them.. But since I have only 10 from Ck's I have to make the best out of it. (even tho more is on the way!!) So here's what they look like planted now. (I keep them under a 1000watt HPS light there entire life cycle. Even from seed. I know allot of you will have something to say about that. But the fact is. I grow to produce high quality, high THC, and high yields. All of my seeds are started under HPS and always has been. I run off of a very, VERY big "Amaze Power" Gas Generator. So, I save HUGE there, (especially when you know how to get access to "pink gass". hehehe) Also, I keep them ALWAYS at 6 feet when seedlings, humidity at 65%-75% and temp at 27 degrees Celsius. I try to keep there lives like it would be outdoors as much as possible. In my years of growing this is something I've noticed to cause less issues. The sun is a million times brighter then my 1000 watters.. I find they grow stronger as well if kept at the correct distance. I also have a built in CO2 air conditioner rigged up to extend to this room during our CK grow. So climate control is there and air nom noms is ready to see them seedlets awaken!

My goal here you guy's is to Take CK's strains and breed them.. So if I get one male blue, and one female white, then I'm happy. I'm going to be crossing white widow with blueberry to make blue widow, then I'll be crossing super silver haze with purple kush (all from CK's) to make purple haze. Then the last journal I'll probably make of CK grows will be the corssing of Purple Haze & Blue Widow. So I'm going to be here for a while yet.:high-five:

Hopefully by tomorrow night or Sunday we will see some seedlings popping up :) :Namaste:


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DAY 2 (after being planted)
Yesterday I used some CloneX to help my seedlets along after the long 5 day germie.. That only produce 3 "real" tappies. (But as they say, a man with a will, will have his way..) My LIGHT CloneX solution method really worked. When I planted these seeds (yesterday morning) the longest tappie was quarter of a inch long... But the solution must of kicked them into over drive because two of the seedlets are already awakening and showing! (in less then 24 hours,,,, after 5 days of very slow ridiculous germination process, that didn't even give me a worthy adversary. (But maybe one or two will produce a good mother and father,,, we will see)

Here they are!



So I have one grtd fem white widow popping and one reg blueberry. I am praying its a he and has nuts! But I also want a few of the blues to be females. Either way I'm going to breed the two as soon as possible.. Been dying for some blue widow lately. Where I am, it's hard to come by.. Anywho, I used straight RO water in a spray bottle to lightly mist the babies. When they get big enough I also spray carbonated water on them. I do have this room hooked up to co2, but the little bit extra always helps ;)

My temp of the room is 28 degrees Celsius
The humidity is @ 71.6%
RO water
Water temp is 19 degrees
Since they are showing I'm leaving my light on a 18/6 hour cycle starting meow
My light is a 1000 watt HPS
I'm keeping the light 5.5 feet away from the top of the pots in my room. (since the top are starting to showing I moved it down 1/2 a foot from 6ft)

So it's almost time to start working ! :) I will be doing advance techniques in this grow, so this might be a good thread/journal for a person who has a few grows under their belt, and are looking to expand their imaginations and wealth of knowledge in cultivating marijuana. If this however is your first grow, I suggest either following my directions to a T. Or just have grow or two under your belt before attempting the techniques ill be using in this journal. So you can be comfortable with the way things work ;)

I'll be;

Cross breeding
Super cropping
Monster cropping/Cloning
Lolly popping
Low stress induced stem training
Back Building

So hopefully someone out there in this vast fishbowl will pick up on some of the things I do, and it will help them with their garden. Cause that's really the only way of life. Helping, sharing, and growing together as the 1 we all are! :Namaste::peace2:


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I'm in Vancouver for the next week setting up a huge indoor garden for a client. . Kind of a unexpected thing but chit happens. It a big 5000 plant operation. So the building is purty big and underground which is cool.... Anyways, I have my fiance taking pictures of the growth back home and when i get back I'll post the updates.. I also might be doing a video of my personal 1000 plant garden. Not sure. The wife is trying to talk me into it. Just another task to add to the long list i say.. But happy wife happy life, right? haha Updates coming soon !


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16 days old --- "Veg Day 2" [The white widow is only 8 days old]
Gentics - Crop King Seeds Original White Widow (fem) and Blueberry (reg)
My temp of the room is 26 degrees Celsius
The humidity is @ 57.6%
RO water (with cal-mag insertions)
Water temp is 19 degrees
18/6 light cycle
My light is a 1000 watt HPS

My other half has lowered the light to 22 inchs for the tops for me now that they have some strong big leaflets to soak up the rays..

OK, so I arrived home safely from yet another job successfully accomplished. Fun one at that...

So, misses Kidgrow has been taking care of our babies since I've been gone. She has, (so generously and beautifully) kept them flourishing. :thanks: babe! They are all in good health and starting to grow vigorously. But I must say. I'm seeing some very awkward and decrepit genetic growth. Here is what they look like, followed by the weird mutant. :/

This one out grew her/his cup pretty fast, so the leaves started to twist. But after a few days being transplanted he/she is unraveling lol





Below is the mutant.

So after a VERY frustrating germination process I ended up with 5 (reg) Blueberries
and 1 white widow (fem) Now, I phoned CK's and spoke with them about the germination
process and they sent me 15 white widow seeds. Only 3 of those actually germinated while
I was gone. ( Misses took care of them ) From this frustrating process and seeing one of
them is a mutant, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Crop Kings really don't have good
genetics. I've been doing this a long time, and my mind is very open to this so far. I am not
trying to judge. BUT So far not so good IMO. But I am going to be creating "Blue Widow" and cloning. So, as long as I have one male
blueberry and one strong white widow, we are good. :thumb:

So miss kidgrow said they started to go a bit yellow, so she hit em with a bit of cal-mag and within 24 hours they had their flourishing green back.

Here's the room;


I"m also going to be using a SCROG with my female blue's and the rest of the late white widows. (I'm going to be doing allot here folks, no rest for the wicked) So in this photo below is how I use and set up my SCROG system (for smaller rooms)


I use hemp rope :) Always have always will. Might as well keep it natural ;P I spaced the screws 4 inchs apart, to make a 4 inch fish net across the room.

So, so far things are looking good. Healthy and loving life. Next update will come soon! :Namaste:


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Subbed! very interested to see your whole process

Thanks. This is a side project in a spare room specifically to do with testing CK's seeds. I'm going to be making a video of my regular daily tasks and gardens. (total over 1,000 plants) This was a test to see if I can bulk order from CK's. But so far Not impressed with genetics from them.



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Looking good KG, let's see what you can do

Stay tuned for

- and allot of other "secret's" that I will reveal to get some fat, resiny, potent cured juicy budz.

I am keeping a CK journal so I can breed two strains together with another two I've cross bred to make a super hybrid.(White widow with Blueberry = Blue widow, Purple kush with super silver haze = Purple haze Then I want to cross Purple Haze with Blue widow. ) I specifically have looked up the geneology of all strains I have selected and it seems like it would be a great fit. A Almost perfect blend of sativa and indica. (from the original strains ONLY, besides one fem WW damn it.. only option at the time....) I need to get to the point where I can figure out and find her best pheno's. Then my day's on here will sadly be over. Well, making journals anyways. I might make a few videos of certain things and grows. But ya, this is strictly to help teach people how to cultivate marijuana like a commercial grower and how to properly breed strains. Annnnnnd for my own sake. I can always look back on this and know I have helped and properly taught other new growers how and where to start in their marijuana cultivation story. Makes me all warm inside ha! ;)
I'm going to try and make the end plant look like it was dipped in cocano with tinges of blue and purple. :)
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