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Crop Kings Sour Diesel & White Cookies LED Soil Grow Journal


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New grower here and what better place to start than 420 mag. Let me tell you a little about my setup.
Grow Tent - 4'x4'x8'
Lights- P600 Watt Led
6" Mountain Air carbon filter
6" inline fan
Soil - fox farms mixed with 50% perlite
Seeds are from crop kings feminized sour diesel & white cookies
Nutes - Humboldts Secret (I here mixed reviews so I don't know what to think)

Im at week two from seed

I have 3 sour diesel plants and 1 White cookies plant and so far things are going smoothly plants seem to be growing but not stretching. I plan on transplanting from red solo cup into 1 gal then 3 gal and ultimately 5 gal.

Some concerns,
My temperature in the tent hasn't been a problem at all but my humidity has been getting as low as 24%. I have some homemade humidifiers in the tent which does seem to help especially if I turn the lights off or if I turn my ventilation fan off then Humidity rockets to about 60 %. I have expeirenced one plant "dampening off" due to me turning the fan off and forgetting to put it back on. It's since recovered quickly after turning the fan on and has propped right back up.

What can I do to keep humidity up ?

How long should I plan to veg for in an 8' ceiling max?

Should I top or Fim ?
When to Top or Fim?

I also plan to use SCROG technique to keep plants shorter and bushier and I want to experiment when some LST. So any opinions advice is welcome and Thank you in advance !!

Will have more pictures of plants as when my light turns back on.


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White cookies is the smaller one it's one week behind

Two of the sour D of two weeks

Any opinions or comments are welcome

Happy Growing


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Hi buds nice setup I'm new grower myself bUT just doing closet grow having some issues myself but slowly trying to work through them ya topping is good idea especially if doing scrog grow make sure u do at 3-5th set of true leaves and then top easier on them when younger don't let get to tall before u do top the humidity thing I've read misting your room early morning or little before lights go on so not burning your leafs even spraying your walls might help or tray of water in front of fan


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Whats up LoveMyHerb!
Thanks for the comment, Could you explain what "true Leaves" are. I was initially going to Scrog but I've come across this new technique from a grower here called fluxing. I guess it's almost the same idea as a scrog but you get better control over the plants actual shape and even colas all the way around.

I will update pictures today
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