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Cross1420 First Grow Veneno - Pineapple Chunk


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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my First Grow Journal. So my intention on this grow was to grow some mother plants. I was planing on moving and didn't want to wait for plants to grow after i moved in i wanted to be ready to roll when i moved. Well I ended up not moving and now i am very limited on space unfortunately.

I started germination on St. Patty's day for extra good luck, they sprouted about 3/28/2011 and have been growing great ever since. (at least i think they are lol)
I would greatly appreciate any ideas to beat the heat, how i can get the best out of my light, whatever you got i would love to hear. I will keep this going so keep checking in for progress and one day buds.

What strain is it? ~ Veneno and Pineapple Chunk
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica Dominant
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg Only
If in Veg... For how long? Sprouted on 3-28-2011
If in Flower stage... For how long? No
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil, used miracle grow 60%, perlite 30%, Worm casings 5%, and sand 5%.
If soil... What size pot? Not sure exactly But i think 2-3 quarts, I know there to small but untill i get more space this has to do. They grew faster than i thought lol.
Size of light? 6500k blue spec 125 w cfl
Is it aircooled? Aircooled in my hot ass garage. (I live in arizona)
Temp of Room/cab? Usually it between 78 and 89 but its starting to get hot so its been gettin 91- 93 latly and climbing.
RH of Room/cab? Not sure
PH of media or res? Not sure but will try to find out asap.
Any Pests ? Little gnats on the top of the soil.
How often are you watering? Try to do once a day since there is no humidity in AZ but every other day if i feel like it's to dry.
Type of Nutes? Botanicare CNS 17 1/4 strength most of the time had to stop because they grew to fast lol.

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My ladies got topped cloned, this is what they looked like right after.


I took 11 clones and only 5 survived. This was my first attempt and i didn't think about the temp of the water. We had a heat wave come in that pushed the heat up to 93 for a couple days that wiped out all my pineapple clones.

I built my own clone machine and it works like a charm. The only thing i need is a few water bottles to freeze to keep the water at the right temp. The only 5 that survived was the Veneno. But i'll be attempting again soon.

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Looking great man!Like the girls are going to touch the top of your closet.Have a bigger place to move them in then?


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Updated pics of my clones i did a few weeks back. And a couple pics of some new clones i got from a friend of mine. Boy do I hope they root. I updated my Veg lights to 6, 27w 5000k spec cfl lights. I took some lights off a broken fan and threw together my babies new suns. I also picked up 2, 68w 2700k cfl lights for my flower setup i need to build lol.

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My PC is doing great i just absolutely love this plant. It's been awhile prob a month maybe a lil longer. I need to top them again for more clones. But i am about to fix my setup and make it more permanent. Check back in a few days to see how it turns out.

To add i stopped giving my ladies nutes simply cause i have been running out of room. After i upgrade my grow setup i will be re-potting my ladies to 5 gal pots will fresh soil. My veneno is really in need of it.


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Now for the best part. I Finally got a flower box setup so now i get to try to flower. I am using my original veg box to try to flower. I sealed up all the cracks in the back so no light escapes or get's in. I am using 2 68w cfl's and a scrog screen made up of green fencing. I have a small computer fan sucking air into the box from the bottom and a bathroom fan for my exhaust at the top. My temps range from 78-80 my humidity is low but i'm working on it. I am going to veg for a few more days before switching over to 12/12 i just wanted to fill in the screen a little. I started using nutes again. I am using Botanicare CNS17 grow 3-2-4 for my veg and when i switch over to flower going to use CNS17 bloom 2-2-3. Well enough of the boring stuff here are some pics.

Any suggestions or questions please ask. I am a first time grower just trying to figure all this out.

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