Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush


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Here are some Amino Acids that Marijuana can use-

L-Glycine: Amplifies Photosynthesis and plant tissue growth

L-Arginine: Enhance Flower Growth

L-Aspartic Acid: Building Block for Amino Acid and can become any needed Amino Acid for the Plant
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I know a lot of people here are probably against GMOs, but just to have everything

Here are some things to look up:
Norman Borlaug
Craig Venter
Digital Biological Converter
Biological Teleportation
Gene Gun
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
S.M.A.R.T. Breeding

An example of how simple it can be is that Yeast DNA can be altered simply by exposing the Yeast to UV Light.

Also, if you like cut a hole with a razorblade in the trunk of a plant, and the kill a bunch of glow bugs and rub their juice in the wound. Then like water the plant with 50/50 glow bug juice and water. Then stick electric diodes into the wet soil, and connect some to the plant at an in and out point at a distance in the plant, then hook up a car battery; it is possible to get the glow bug DNA into the plant. And who knows what would happen, but it could glow. You could also add genetics from a plant that glows. It might actually be better to do it to a group of freshly germinated seedlings before transplant or something

Glowing isn't a guarantee, but it could get the Genetics in there.


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Btw, in the next Flower I will be Flowering Clones of:

Malawi Gold
Early Durban
Strawberry Diesel
South African Kwazulu
Banana Crack

Then I will also have:

Purple Bud (a bud that has Green Leaves and Lavender Buds)
Girl Scout Cookies (has Durban F1 in its lineage)


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Also, I am not going to give away my THCv Strains yet, but here are some of the other Terpene Strains I plan on getting to mix in along the way. There are about 5 other strains I will mix in along the way, but these are all the Flavors I plan on mixing in once I have THCv levels up. And I chose 2 or 3 of each so that they can be crossed with the THCv strain, then the resulting cross can be crossed with the other similar cross. For example, Blue Cheese and Head Cheese could both be crossed with the THCv Strain (let's just say Malawi for now), then one the 2 Cheeses have been crossed with Malawi, those to Cheese X Malawi crosses can be crossed with each other. So that is how I am going to bring Flavors into the THCv strains, and if I need to I will breed them back with the THCv strains again, then maybe back with 1 of the crosses. So then it is 75% THCv strain and 25% Flavor mix.

Grandaddy Purple
Banana Kush
Banana OG
Honey Bananas
Strawberry Fields
Cappucino 420
Caramel Candy Kush
Blue Cheese
Head Cheese


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Also, people may have noticed that there are Ladybugs in my grow tent. This is because they eat things like Aphids and Thrips, so I just want to keep those kinds of Bugs out of the Tent.

You can also use Beneficial Nematodes to get rid of most things, and they are Microscopic, so you won't even notice them.

If anyone is looking for a place to get Ladybugs or Beneficial Nematoes, you can just get them both on Ebay. But if you have another infestation like Mites or Mealybugs, then go to


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This is an amazing journal you have going here and can't believe so few have subbed up. Keep em coming, there is an amazing amount of info here so Thank you.


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BTW, I'm really interested in the development of the genetics considering you have 2 Strains that are very close to my heart. I'm from South Africa so I'm sure you know


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This is an amazing journal you have going here and can't believe so few have subbed up. Keep em coming, there is an amazing amount of info here so Thank you.

It will be here forever, so people have time to find it. I'm trying to just get all the "Secrets" and put them in one place, so that people don't have to learn about something to be able to Google it to learn more about it, they can just find this thread and have everything in one place.

It will probably kick off more once I pollinate, then once the buds start forming, and really after harvest and once I start Vegging the seeds I make from these plants. I think that is really when people are going to start understanding what is going on here.


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BTW, I'm really interested in the development of the genetics considering you have 2 Strains that are very close to my heart. I'm from South Africa so I'm sure you know ��

The Durban cross and the Kwazulu? I am ready to see how they turn out.

This Breeding Program should end up creating something amazing. I don't want to give away what I am going to be crossing these crosses with, but there is a THCv strain that is extremely interesting, like a completely different Species of Marijuana almost, but it is considered a Sativa. And once I start growing that people's ears are really going to perk up also.


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And here are the crosses again, just so everyone has them 5 pages in.

Strawberry Diesel X Malawi = Malawberry Diesel

Strawberry Stardawg X Early Durban = Durban Stardawg

Malawi X Early Durban = Malawi Durban Skunk

Early Durban X Malawi = Durban Malawi Skunk or African Gold

Hindu Kush X Early Durban = Gandhi Kush

Banana Crack X Blue Mystic = Shiva's Bananas

Danky Kong X Malawi = Malawi Kong

South African Kwazulu X Early Durban = The Zulu-Anglo War

And I do not plan on stabilizing any of those, I will mix them together and mix them with another strain before locking in the genetics and creating the F1s and F2s and everything.


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This thread will get more into this as the breeding starts, but we are going to mainly be creating F1s and F1b's and F1c's, but I won't call them that because I won't be keeping any of them. I will be giving out the seeds though, so people will be able to create their own, or create clone only versions or whatever they want.

But here is how the whole F1, F2 thing works


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Apparently Marijuana in Malawi is called Chamba, so I am going to incorporate that into the name just to spread the Word "Chamba" and so that when people in Malawi Google "Chamba", they will find these strains. In South Africa it is called Dagga, so I will probably be incorporating that also. I was already planning on that though, since I even have some Wild Dagga plants (different species and genus).

But I will be incorporating the Native names "Chamba" and "Dagga" into the New Strain names.


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"Malawi is renowned for growing the best and finest Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp) in the world. Locally known as “Chamba,” cannabis is cultivated in remote parts of central and north Malawi."
-World Bank Report, 2011

Malawi Gold is the strain that I am using as the base for my THCv Genetics.


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And I'm not sure if the videos properly get across just how much Bud this is about to be. These plants still have another 3 weeks in their first month of flower, which is pretty much just grow time. And 4 of the plants have their own lights, there are people that grow 4 plants under 1 of the lights that I have 1 plant under.
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