Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush


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Btw, if anyone has ever wondered how to make THC in a lab, it's not even hard.
The Total Synthesis of Natural Products - Google Books

You just have to get Olivetol, any acid (the acid will determine how much THC is made, and how many and what types of byproducts are made), and any Monoterpene (the Monoterpene will also determine how much THC is made, and how many and what types of byproducts are made).

Just mix those 3 things together, maybe heat it up if you are using a weak acid, or heat it up anyways just to get the chemical process to happen to its full effect (Reflux and Condenser would be good for this), and you have THC and byproducts.


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I just thought about how most people don't know this, so I thought I would mention this so everyone can understand the world a little better.

The first Molecule to ever be Isolated from a plant, and put into the "Scientific Literature" was Coniine. And the first Molecule ever Synthesize was Urea in the early 1800s. Then in 1898 Cocaine was synthesized, and the study of Cocaine launched Science forward the same way the discovery of DNA did, then Bayer invented Heroine. And everyone knows about Coca Cola being part of this, and Cocaine being the mechanism that created American Advertising, up until the 1970s there were Commercials for Cocaine Paraphernalia on TV; and they made a law about it in the 70s. Then in the 40s-50s LSD changed Science again, just like the discovery of DNA. And now we have Maps of the Serotonin Receptors from David E Nichols, and classifications of Chemicals, and now even the US Government, who is usually years behind in legislating technology, has detailed lists of Molecules, and knows about "Isomers" and all kind of stuff that they had no clue about for the longest time (which they mainly learned by watching Sasha Shulgin). That is how we got where we are with Organic Chemistry. Before that, all of these were Religious Rituals.

The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man
Article 13- Right to the Benefits of Culture
Every person has the right to take part in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts, and to participate in the benefits that result from intellectual progress, especially scientific discoveries. He likewise has the right to the protection of his moral and material interests as regards his inventions or any literary, scientific or artistic works of which he is the author.


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Contradictions in Law that will be decided in my Court Cases

1. The UN Declaration of Human Rights provides a person the Freedom of Religion and the Freedom of Conversion; and the Ability to not only believe but Practice. And the supporting Conventions and Treaties provide the same, as well as the ability to Make and Use Articles of your Faith.

2. The UN Psychotropics Convention States that all Schedule II and lower substances (Cocaine, etc) are Free for Religious Use, but that Schedule I plants can only be used by Native Populations.

3. The OAS 'American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man' also provides for the protection of Religion, as well as the people's benefit and use of Scientific Discoveries as a Right.

4.The US Supreme Court says that if a Treaty Violates the Constitution, that the part of the Treaty that does not follow the Constitution will be struck down in US Courts. So basically, if they can't get it into Codified US Law, then the part of the Treaty that doesn't fit, doesn't fit.

5. The US Constitution States that Congress can not write a Law that Prohibits Religion, and the US Courts have said that Congress must first "Enact a Law, Attach a Penalty, and Give the Courts Jurisdiction" in order for a decision to be made in Court.

6. The Controlled Substances Act says that the only Exemptions are Medical.

7. In the case Gonzlaes V O Centro, the Supreme Court forced the DEA to create a process for Religion.

8. Congress enacted the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment which protects Dispensaries, and the Cole Memorandum lays out the Guidelines.

9. The Colorado State Constitution provides any Citizen over the age of 21 the Right to grow 6 Marijuana Plants, and provides Dispensaries and Manufacturers the ability to grow Hundreds or Thousands


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Ok, so I have pretty much only Watered once a week. Now that I am flushing though, I am going to water as much as I can, maybe every 2 or 3 days, so that the plants can just spend the last 2 weeks getting fat. And there is Cocoa Powder all over all of the Soil, and I added Bud Candy to the Water of each one last night, but I didn't do 2ml per liter. I just dumped it in and had like maybe a half finger's height (not length) in a gallon container for each plant.

And the Cocoa Powder should slowly seep in, but I won't use anything else but Water.


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Btw, this process I showed you for making Resin into Hash, this is a "Trade Secret" used by Dispensaries and Manufacturers to create the Amber/Golden Hash that is in the Syringes and sold at like $50 for 1 gram or for 1/2 gram. This is that method, and the Dispensaries and Companies that know how to do it, usually aren't out there showing people how to do it, and they especially aren't showing people how to do it with their Resin.


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I will be Harvesting at least the Top branches of most of the Plants next Friday, and then I will lower the Lights Down, and let the bottom Branches go for maybe a few more Weeks while the Malawi Finishes.

I have a Curing Rack, so I will hang it in the Tent and just let the Plants Cure in the tent with the Fans and the Lights and everything.

And in these Plants will be seeds that have these Plants as Mothers, and a Malawi Plant as a Father. And I will start giving some seeds out to random growers and random dispensaries, and maybe someone can use those to find a Clone Only Strain, or to Breed a new Strain of their own.

Then I will do 1 more Flower of another few plants, and Cross those with a Malawi Male, while the seeds that I collect from the Plants I am Harvesting next Friday Veg. And during that time I will be getting the Seeds for the Plants that I will be mixing in to these Malawi Crosses. I haven't explained what it is yet, because I am going to win the 2019 CO Cannabis Cup (Sativa) with these Genetics, but that will be coming very soon. And they will probably be in the 3rd Flower Cycle, and I will Cross them with the Malawi Crosses.

And these are going to be Plants high in THCv, not THC. The Plants are going to be actually Hallucinogenic, and Stimulating. Not a "Stoney" high, and not a normal Sativa.


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I will make a video soon so everyone can see, but I just checked the plants and you can see exactly where the seeds are, and it looks like I have mostly South African Kwazulu X Malawi, and seeds are only visible where I pollenated, so there shouldn't be too many random seeds.

But the South African Kwazulu X Malawi Seeds are so big, some of them are already poking out of their bud husks. So I took one and I am seeing if it will germinate. So there could be a SAK X Malawi cross in the next Flower Cycle. And I think that is going to be the highest THCv cross out of anything in the tent anyway.


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I already harvested and am collecting seeds, sorry I have not updated, I am moving and creating a Cryptocurrency at the same time, but am collecting seeds and will start growing those soon, so there will be the new strains being grown and I will be getting the 3rd strain.


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January 20th, you can use Temple Coins to buy Marijuana Seeds. Seeds that are unlike any other Marijuana seeds. They are 1/2 Malawi, and 1/2 Dispensary Genetics.

Strawberry Stardawg X Malawi
Strawberry Diesel X Malawi
Hindu Kush X Malawi
Early Durban X Malawi
South African Kwazulu X Malawi
Danky Kong X Malawi
Banana Crack X Malawi

So if you want any of these Strains, you want to get Temple Coins right now.


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January 20th,
Similarly to how the first Bitcoin used to buy something was 10,000 Bitcoins (now $10,000,000+) for 2 Pizzas; we will be exchanging Malawi based Genetic Seeds, for 10,000 [TMPC] Temple Coins each.

February 20th,
We will have our own Bitshares, OpenLedger, Cryptofresh, and Bitsharestalk clones.

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