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Crunchies DWC Grow - CFL/HPS - WWxBB


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Hey 420, this is my second grow. My first bag seeds didn't work out so well as I kind of rushed into it all. I know where I went wrong, so Iv decided to grow some fem seeds I got from Herbies.

Both these strains germinated very quick and easy, I scuffed the seeds lightly with 100grit sand paper then placed them in a cup water with a PH of 5.6. Within 24hrs the seeds had popped, I then transferred them to a paper towel and placed on a heat mat with a temp of around 75. 48hrs later the seeds were ready to go into 1" rockwool cubes and placed under 23w cfls.

What strain is it?- 2 WhiteWidow x BigBud
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica dominant (from what Iv read)
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?-Veg
If in Veg... For how long?-3 Weeks
Indoor or outdoor?-Indoor
Soil or Hydro?Hydro - DWC
Size of buckets?-20L buckets
Size of light?-2x 125w CFL & 400w HPS for flower
Is it aircooled?-Yes
Temp of Room/cab?-75-80
RH of Room/cab? 40%
PH of media or res?-5.5-6.0
Any Pests ?-Nope
Type and strength of ferts used?-Canna Classic line, rhizotonic.

Ppm is currently around 600.

This strain seems to be growing slow after some research it is common.

Stay tuned for updates, all and any advice welcome













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After a few days away Iv come back and found both plants have progressed a lot, almost grew into the lights. Topped both plants today and done a water change, current PPM is 750.

Brought a second air pump and added it to the system, the roots were looking brown but I'm not sure if it was from the nutes as it's only in 1 spot but thought I would play it safe and give them more oxygen.
Also addded my screen today here's a few current pics.




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Both plants are doing well, Ill be buying my 400w hps kit this weekend and putting them into flower within the next week and a bit. I'm a bit worried about temps once I add the new light as it gets to 80f during the day at the moment with the cfls. I may add an intake fan to get the air moving through quicker.
Here's an update pic.

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