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CT’s Greenhouse Coco Grow: OG Kush, THC Bomb, Banana OG & More, Summer 2019


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Hello CattleTurd here, I’m a licensed medical grower in my state. I grow for personal use only, so I’m not trying to break any world records here. But the more the merrier.
I have my setup in my greenhouse that I designed and framed, and spent way too much time and money on. The dimensions are 8’W x 12’L x 8’H. It’s a gambrel style roof, looks like a shed with white framing and polycarbonate panels. It has a huge 2 foot by 8 foot ridge vent on an automatic opener.

The strains I’m currently growing.
Gorilla Bomb from Bomb seeds. 25% THC. Indica/Sativa mix. 15gal fabric pot, coco coir/ Fox farm ocean forest/ perlite. Been started from seed about 45 days ago.
THC bomb from Bomb seeds. 25% THC. Same as above..
OG Kush from Royal queen seeds. 19% THC. 25% Sativa/ 75% Indica. Genetic Background: Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush. 35 gal black plastic pot. Coco/ffof/perlite.
Banana OG from Flavour chasers. 27% THC. 70% indica dominant. Genetic background: og Kush x skunk haze. 15 gal custom fabric pot I made from weed mat.. coco/ ffof/perlite.
Critical Kush from RQS. 25 gal white plastic barrel.
All plants but autos are about 45 days old in veg.
Autoflower Dark Devil from Sweet seeds. 2 weeks old. In a 5 gal bucket. All plants have roughly same mix of coco coir/ ffof/ perlite.
Autoflower Blueberry Bliss from Vision seeds.. 8 days old. same as above.

All plants get fox farms nutrient line up and cal magic, and armor Si. PH is tested to 6.0 +or- .2 depending on which nutrients I think need better absorption.. every other week with water in between.
I will post photos hopefully soon. Whenever I find a secure method to do so..
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47E2AC46-F313-4687-A47B-D4CDC48384BB.jpegGorilla bomb.
4AE4B441-166C-4007-8FB0-16C75A8EB037.jpegOg kush lst
272D6805-4311-4425-A92A-CB0D2454539A.jpegThc bomb
759B0108-DEB7-4151-9741-4FA852013932.jpegCritical kush
358C61D6-AF23-4D6E-A988-0F119977997A.jpegBanana og
AE45BA04-7107-499C-87FB-BDA50CBD1994.jpegDark devil auto
1EAF6872-A3F5-4C19-BE2F-3675820DB695.jpegBlueberry bliss auto


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I know they work great for aphids,and with the green house
you can keep them around for awhile.


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Cool. I may let some lady bugs loose then. Do you treat for aphids before you see them? Or do you wait until you see aphids?

Look at how symmetrical I was able to get this og kush. Some low stress training. Can’t wait to see what this lady grows into.


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Well the Dark Devil auto is a foot tall, and starting to flower.
The Banana OG is finally getting some good growth for me.
And the OG Kush is growing very well, I am excited for this and the DDA..


DDA and Blueberry bliss auto in background



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2019
So OG Kush is a good one to quadline then? (obviously, it is if you're doing it, right?)


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Does anyone have anything to say about Dr. Bronners soap? Using it as a foliage spray to combat soft-body pests, (aphids).

I have some tiny caterpillars, gnats, maybe thirps. So I mixed up the peppermint dr bronners at 30cc (2tbs) to 2 gallons of water. Sprayed the plants down, let it soak for 10 minutes, and sprayed them off with water. I did notice it killed some small flies. We will see if my plants like it I suppose...


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I noticed their growth while taking pictures ...

Hey @CattleTurd ... I am enjoying watching the DDA grow ... lots of stretch in a green house!

I was thinking about using 25% perlite, 37.5% FF Ocean Forest and 37.5% FF Happy Frog for my next DDA grow, but your soil interests me.

I haven't heard about mixing Perlite, Coco Coir and FF Ocean Forest before so I want to learn more. Where did you get the idea from? ... And what ratios are you using?
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