CT’s Greenhouse Coco Grow: OG Kush, THC Bomb, Banana OG & More, Summer 2019

I use an automatic vent opener. They make them cheap, but this was 100 dollars made in Denmark. Has a pull strength of 65 lbs, I can barely lift the vent open, which assures wind won’t blow it off. It’s a piston.The volume-expanding wax within the hydraulic cylinder opens and closes automatic without electricity! Not my photo btw.

I found out that spinosad is the only thing that kills Thrips. I just have an occasional leaf hopper, and a ton of grasshoppers, which are becoming a problem. My greenhouse isn’t sealed tight around the corrugated polycarbonate. Or insulated/heated.
Man that is cool.

I use both, some are anti, but if your not close to harvest, the UV is going to nuke all of it off the plant anyway. Spinosad goes a good week for me down here without any further observations.

You could always surface treat everything non-plant/soil with something stronger.
You're about out of room, CT! Looks good!
Looks good, CT. I'm about a week +/- behind you.
Couple days short of week 4
That banana OG is looking the most potent..
It’s starting to smell pretty good around here.

:yummy: :peace:
big momma looking good. that banana OG is a real winner. nice work CT
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