CT’s Indoor Autoflower Grow


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Hey everyone. :yummy::ganjamon:
Here’s my first indoor setup.
A 32x32x63 Quictent. Ac infinity cloud line t4 inline duct fan, with Vivosun carbon filter.
2 of the 135 watt HLG quantum board 288 v2, one with 4000k and the other 3000k Rspec.

Planting in 5 gallon square fabric bags by Vivosun. Grown in a Vermiculite and perlite mix. Feeding fox farms trio. Plus cal magic and armor si.

Will be experimenting with Fastbuds seeds. All of which will be autoflower feminized. The blueberry dream, Pineapple Express, and last but not least Six shooter (Mexican airlines x crystal METH), a high yielding strain it appears.
Wish them luck..

Which would you like to see grow first? Up to 5 autoflowers in my tent.
Nice setup, fastbuds has some great autos. I grown their blue dream’matic and their blackberry, both was great strains . I got almost a pound off one of their blue dream. I will hang around to watch if you don’t mind, best of luck to you✌️
That's an interesting mix in fabric bags

Assuming treating it like Coco???

It’s my germaphobic mix for indoor use only. I understand organic procedures are more efficient and provide better results. It’s basically hydroponic, but in a container that I water.

Try growing citrus, like orange and lemons. They require very high nitrogen, and must have very well draining soil. It’s a good practice, oxygen in the soil. My main idea is oxygen for the roots, and having no pests hopefully.

Thanks mr. east coast ghost :surf:
Northern Lights and Blue Dream for sure. :)

Excited for you.
Wow the quantum board by HLG is amazing... I just finished wiring it. Very bright. All seeds are sprouting except Pineapple Express. Six shooter is in lead already, no surprise there. The fan controller that comes with the ac infinity duct fan is also amazing. Overall very happy. :ganjamon::blunt:
Saw a little yellow on Strawberry Cheesecake, what looked like light bleaching. I moved the QB up to 32 inches, any higher and I think would not be enough light. If anyone has advice running Quantum Boards on seedlings, I’d be grateful. I’ll need to get a wattage meter to really get it accurate, I’d assume. But they’re doing well. For now.

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