Culling plants to free up room


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Has or would anyone considering pulling plants that are showing poor bud production at day 26 flowering to make room for light penetration for other plants?

I have 4 plants 1 big bush showing really good bud sights and 1 other plants that is much much shorter but also showing nice bud development now in between plant 1 and 4 are plants 2 and 3 they dont seem to really be doing anything but stretching while the other 2 are stretching they were also producing bud sites but plants 2 and 3 seem as if I just switched 2 12/12 and dont have anything to show for 26 days into flowering.

It does not help that they are all bag seed so maybe plants 2-3 are a higher Sativa and maybe that is why they are stretching and being really slow to show a bud development. but at almost 4 weeks they should be showing some kind of production right.

For anyone who posted to my other question this is not related and not really the same question because on plant 1 there is bud production and I was more asking about filling in and tricromes. Here I have 2 plants that show nothing more than a few pistils no flowering happening at all all they seem to do is block out light from the better plants.
hmm maybe i am unclear. Its not about freeing up room i have plenty for them to grow. they just seem to be doing nothing compared to the others and only seem to be blocking light to the other plants that are budding
LST the taller plants. You came this far with them. More buds bud.

I agree, if u have plenty or room lst them so they aren't blocking light to the others. Eventually they'll start to fill out and you'll be happier in the end to have the extra buds even if they take a few weeks longer instead of giving up on em
For some reason I dont think I have put my thoughts down into words the way I wanted lol its hard to explain. I see your points and agree its more of a quality thing because I use side lighting so the 2 plants on the right side of my space are stealing light from a better preforming plant on the left side hope this is more clear. but now thinking about it with the seeds being unkown bag seeds they may very well be a sativa heavy strain and just be slow to grow and would explain the stretch they have shown.

Thanks again for the input
OHHHH damn..... well this whole thread just went to the no longer matters bin.... damn dude this sucks...... I was doing so good. She just hermed over night I came home and found little speck where the sack busted and on another leaf it look like a little yellow pool this sucks. Ill update with link to my grow thread pics and info in the morning im bummed as hell this is gonna kill all my progress. post up in the morning thanks for the input guys check out my update to see the horror 2mar0


Ohh and before its suggested this is my first grow and no I cant move her out I have 1 bed of hydroton for all plants think next time around Ill netpot with sad

Thanks again for the input
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