Cultivators 7200w Build And Grow Perpetual

Way to go Cultivator and Im glad you stuck it out with those temps and such you mentioned.
I almost hit my 2 bs. club mark again out of a 1000 watt used (very used) HPS. 3.04 ounces shy of two elbows.
If you get a chance Id love to see you swing by my new thread.
I was gifted a couple of Gorilla Glue #4s from the San Diego guys
heres a link and theres also one in my signature
Method 420 - Rescue And Grow A Cup Winner - Gorrilla Glue #4
not much to look at yet but if it goes as well for me as it does for the IC guys Ill fill my whole project with them or maybe them plus one strain like my #3
Hello cultivator, just spent about 6 hours of my life reading through your 55 page dwc journal :bravo: (thats for both of us lol) only to find youve started another so here i am again :popcorn: cant read all this one today im going on holiday tomorrow so ill be saving it for round the pool with a few bevvys. Id appreciate if you coul check my journal out give me 2 min of your time (6 hours my time to 2 min of yours seems about the right ratio ha) love what you do bro you know your shit and it shows :goodjob:
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